I was cleaning out my email inbox (something I needed to do for a long time) and I came across a report that listed the Top 12 Skills for 2012.

It got me thinking what are the top skills one needs to succeed.  Using the report as a starting point here is my list.

  • Project Management – Everything you do can be seen as a project.
  • Communication – Almost goes without saying that being able to communicate effectively is a great skill to have.
  • Business/Financial – Even if you are not a business owner, chances are you are worker or depend on someone that is a worker.  The more you understand how business and finances work the better.
  • Security; Physical and Virtual – While we are no longer at risk of being eaten by a lion, like our distant ancestors, we are at risk of all kinds of other threats.
  • Technology Management – Being able to move around both a highly technical physical world as well as the ubiquitous “virtual” world is now and will be in the future a critical skill to master.
  •  Biology/Psychology/Child Development – Staying healthy and helping those around us stay healthy is an absolutely critical skill.  It always has been, but because of many new developments we now have a lot of tools available to us to help us.  Mastering those tools is a very important skill we need to master.