Because of all the cell phones recording everything everyone does, it is getting harder for terrorist to operate in the open. So they are forced to find new ways to recruit new members and spread their messages of hate and destruction.

One new example just surfaced of a significant right-wing terrorist group’s new plans to take over America. The so-called “Oath Keepers” have announced they will be taking their revolution planning to the next level by infiltrating fire departments “Click here for more details.

The Oath Keepers are tired of being marginalized as “militia members” — so the pro-gun militia group is planning to carry their anti-government message into local government institutions to conscript unsuspecting neighbors into their yearned-for revolution.

The group’s founder, Stewart Rhodes, outlined the plan Aug. 29 at the group’s “Appalachian summit” in Gilbert, West Virginia, but the speech was recently posted online by the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights.

The three-day event attracted members of the Oath Keepers and Three Percent militia groups, as well as Tea Party and other conservative or right-wing activists.

Of course if this was a left-leaning group holding a meeting like this, the “Conservative” media would be flooding all the media channels with warnings of how Obama is finally going to achieve his goal of destroying America.

As Raw Story explains:

Rhodes urged them to join volunteer fire departments, search and rescue teams, ambulance crews, police auxiliary and reserve officer groups — which he said had essentially replaced militias in community life.

He said these volunteers are “perceived as a good guy” by their neighbors, who might not be receptive to invitations to join a militia, and go “shopping for talent” to identify potential members of neighborhood watch groups that are armed vigilante groups.

“(Militia) has been turned into the M-word,” Rhodes complained. “It’s a dirty word now — just like the N-word.”

Right wing terrorists like the Oath Keepers are becoming more sophisticated in their recruitment methods and refining their message to appeal to the kind of people that will happily build bombs or shoot up “liberal” targets down the road.

I am very concerned about things like this.   The one thing the Right Wing is right about is that America is changing.  Within the next two or three generations American will be much less WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant).  This means the current Republican Party will be much less affective.  Just look at the way the 2016 Presidential Candidates appeal to the GOP base and you can see the writing on the wall for the right wing.  Essentially before too long the Republicans will cease to be a National political force.

The election this week shows that the right wing still has a lot of power at the State level. But, even with all the gerrymandering, voter suppression and propaganda, those people will lose. When that happens these right-wing hate groups will be rendered totally socially, economically and politically impotent.

I don’t believe for a second they will accept this new America peacefully. The best option for them, and I believe their preferred option will be to fall back on their 2nd Amendment remedies, and start real revolution.

We are a handful of lost elections away from a violent upheaval in America. The extreme right wing is preparing to terrorize the country when they lose the ability to win on the national level. Don’t take my word for it, listen to the birthing cries of organized domestic terrorism:

Yes, right now, conservatives are kicking ass on the state and local levels but how long do you think that will last when the Supreme Court and judicial branch in general is filled with center-left justices that strike down gerrymandered districts and anti-gay laws? Remember, it’s only “judicial tyranny” when the courts refuse to support Christian theocracy.

Take these people seriously, because they’re getting ready for a war they can’t possibly win and that will make them even more violent and deranged.