A post in one of New Zealand’s top newspapers claimed that the biggest threat to America are “Republicans.”The Greatest Threat to America? Republicans.

I disagree a bit.  I think that only the “Religious” Republicans are a threat to America.  And by extension a threat to the World.

Religious Republicans think a community can make most accurate predictions about the future if they base those predictions on  1st Century static texts.

Unfortunately, some Jews and Muslims believe the same thing.  They seem to believe that they can make the decisions for action in the 21st Century by using a static 1st Century fixed text.

Here are some of the good quotes from the New Zealand post.   I particularly like the point that America has not led economically since Reaganomics.

“Either you are with us, or you are the terrorists.”

“If the USA were broken up” would the violence be as catastrophic as in the Middle East?

Jade Helm. ‘Nuff Said.