I got a list of questions someone asked the candidates.

I thought these questions were interesting.  They definitely come from a liberal source.  I’d like to include the conservative questions.

  • Do you support tying minimum wage increases to inflation?
  • In the preface to President Trump’s America First budget blueprint, he writes that an important way in which “the Federal Government sets priorities is through the budget of the United States.”  The President also says that his proposed budget emphasizes national security and public safety, which are reflected by dramatically increasing funding for defense, for immigration enforcement, to address violent crime and opioid abuse, and to keep more American tax dollars in the U.S.
  • Do you agree with President Trump, that by prioritizing and increasing military spending, U.S. citizens will be more “safe” and “secure”? What do you think should be the U.S.’s top three budget line items to put “the needs of its own people first?”
  • Would you support passage of the Equality Act that would protect the LGBT community against discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations
  • How are you committed to protecting immigrant and refugee communities in the State of Georgia and nationally
  • How will you work to impact access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare for all people, and what policy change do you think is necessary to accomplish this?
  • What will you do to restore Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act?
  • The Trump administration has signaled a desire to get rid of the Johnson Amendment, 1954 legislation that prohibits nonprofit organizations and churches from participation in political campaigns on behalf of candidates.  Are you in favor of this repeal? Can you expand on how you believe people of faith should express themselves in the public sphere?
  • Do you support the Dream ACT?
  • Would you work in a bipartisan manner to work on comprehensive immigration reform legislative initiative(s) that would allow for those in the country without authorization to adjust their status and move towards eventual citizenship?
  • The science behind global warming is clear: as we continue to pump more carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the planet’s climate will continue to be altered, with huge consequences for all of us.
  • Scientists say that to prevent the worst impacts of global warming spurred by a 2o C increase in average global temperature the United States must reduce global warming pollution by more than 83 percent by 2050.
  • Will you oppose all legislative attacks on Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to do its job and clean up the largest sources of carbon pollution – power plants and vehicles? How will you work to support instead more clean energy, energy efficiency and cleaner cars and trucks?
  • In this time of mass incarceration, how will you help address the challenges facing formerly incarcerated individuals when seeking employment and housing?
  • What are your budget priorities and how would they impact women and families in our CD6 community and in the state?