About 50% of all Americans are on government paid healthcare. This includes Medicare, Medicaid, Politicians, Prisoners, The Armed forces and all government employees. Because we have the most inefficient and most expensive healthcare system among all developed countries this cost now consumes $1.6trillion of the total Federal budget of $3.5trillion. (http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2015/07/29/for-the-first-time-government-programs-make-up-the-majority-of-u-s-health-spending/ )  

This amount is forecast to escalate at about 6% percent per year over the next 5 years. That is at least 200% greater than the forecast for consumer prices(CPI).  

Most other developed countries provide a better Healthcare System than the US for about  half this cost  The conclusion is that bringing our Healthcare  System and costs in line with all the other developed countries would save 25% of all our taxes and deliver a better overall Healthcare System.