A couple of things have come popped up recently that caught my attention about Free Speech in Public Schools.

Learn Liberty has a series of videos on Free Speech that make a strong case against any censorship in public schools.

Then you have Ben Carson taking an opposite view.  In the video below, at around 3:20, he suggests the Dept. of Education be used to “monitor for extreme political bias.”

I am a progressive and I agree much more with the views of Learn Liberty than that of Ben Carson.

Learn Liberty is saying that what may be an extreme idea at one point in time (Learn Liberty uses the example of Galileo suggesting the earth is not the center of solar system and the Church labeling it an “extreme idea.”) may be the accepted norm at some point in the future.  Ben Carson on the other end is saying that extreme views should not be allowed and he would empower the “State” to force those extreme views from the public forum.

This is an important topic.  But, it seems that there is a lot of fire but very little heat.  There are a lot of voices screaming in the wind, but no one seems to hear them.

The rise of Donald Trump seems to be riding on an anti-political correctness wave.  But, I am not even sure what political correctness means,  If it means that to win over a political constituency you have to talk to them without insulting them, I don’t understand what is wrong with that.  It is called being polite.

But, if anti-political correctness means that you can be mean and hateful than I have a different view.