The Decision Criteria The Community Uses to Optimize Voting

Being able to Optimize Voting is critical for optimum functioning of the Community.Voting is at the heart of a truly democratic community.

But voting has many inherent limitations.  The Community needs to study, understand, and develop strategies to deal with the inherent limitations of voting.

This is the first class in that effort.

#1 – While all statewide offices are important to citizens of our state (one of the most important ones in terms of your wallet is the Public Service Commission), it is the local elections that people should always pay close attention to.

#2 – Seats on local school boards, city councils and the board of commissioners are governed by a group of people who have a great influence on your life as well as your bottom line financially.

#3 – It is wise to learn as much as possible about candidates running for any office but especially those at the local level. They control your property taxes, school taxes and have more say over how much of your hard-earned money you actually take home each pay check.

#4 – It is wise to always take with a grain of salt candidates who simply use political talking points. In the race for secretary of state, for example, there are many of the candidates who are bragging about things they believe in that have absolutely nothing to do with the day-to-day operation of that office.

#5 – Being a previous office holder in no way qualifies someone to be elected to another office.

#6 – Look for Honesty on the part of the Candidate or Initiative Promoter.

#7 – Look for Transparency on the part of the Candidate or Initiative Promoter.


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March 22, 2019

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