On February 4, 2016 House Republican leaders announced the formation of six committee-led task forces charged with developing a bold, pro-growth agenda. (For updates, visit speaker.gov/confidentamerica.)

This is nothing short of a generational defining moment. We do not like the direction the country is going, and we have an obligation to offer an alternative. Starting today, we will begin developing a bold, pro-growth agenda to take to the country. By giving the people a clear choice in 2016, we can earn a mandate to do big things in 2017 and beyond. We want a confident America. Now it’s time to get to work.

National Security
Americans are anxious about their security, and the government’s ability to keep us safe. We will advance ideas to secure our homeland, build a 21st-century military, and make sure we’re equipped to defeat ISIS and the threat posed by radical Islamic terror.

Jobs and Economic Growth: Tax Reform and Reducing Regulatory Burdens
Our economy is still far from its potential, wages are still stagnant, and growth is still sluggish. We will advance ideas to fix our tax code, rein in the regulatory state, and maximize our energy potential.

Health Care
Obamacare has driven up premiums, limited choices, and hurt the doctor-patient relationship. We will advance ideas to lower costs, increase competition, and build a truly patient-centered health care system.

Poverty and Opportunity
There are 46 million Americans still trapped in poverty. We will advance ideas to bring people back into the workforce, and restore the upward mobility that is at the heart of the American Idea.

Constitutional Authority
President Obama’s executive overreach has undermined the Constitution and damaged the people’s trust in government. We will advance ideas to restore the separation of powers and protect our constitutional liberties.