Communications Skills

Basic Communications Skills

Advanced Communication Skills

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Intrapersonal Communication Skills
  • Management Decision Making
  • Team Communication Skills
  • Virtual Communication Skills
  • Information Management

Advanced Customer Relationship Management


At a senior level you need to practice communication strategies that are highly impressive. This includes your body language, writing skills, reactions and everything else. Your PC, your car, your dress and any action will convey a message or create an impression. While this is unavoidable, it will be in your interest to know how to make that impression positive.

We’ve come up with this course to address the ‘research-based’ needs of executives and senior managers for business communication skills. This comprehensive five-day training workshop will ensure the effective and efficient use of inclusive communication and will be a value for money.


This training will help you to:

  • Business communication challenges
  • The body language
  • Stress management for communicating in critical situation
  • How to say NO
  • Same message creates different impression on different people
  • Modern writing skills
  • Consider the ‘YOU’ approach in practical way
  • Being flexible to different style of audience
  • Listen to understand not to respond

This training covers:

Unit 1

  • Communication challenges in business
  • Communicating with your body
  • Move as you talk – mastering body language control
  • Cultural diversities on body language
  • The Perception Divide – why it makes positive outcomes difficult for you
    Unit 2

  • Review of common writing principles
  • Grammatical errors that we always make
  • Formal writing ethics The 7 C’s in writing
  • Types of writing and tone in writing
  • The ‘YOU’ approach in practice
  • Delivering a ‘BAD NEWS’
  • The writing skills of a CEO
    Unit 3

  • Delivering attractive speech
  • ‘What happens next?’ – compelling others to listen
  • Presentation skills for CEOs
  • How to use videos as part of your presentation
  • The proper use of graphics
  • How do you want others to see you?
    Unit 4

  • What gesture is appropriate
  • Controlling emotional responses
  • Move the communication to where you want it to go
    Unit 5

  • Working with Others Confidently
  • Sandwich Type Feedback
  • Dealing constructively with difficult people
  • Your personal ‘blue print’ for change
  • Mental stimulus to create engagement

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March 22, 2019

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