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Michael Williams
State Senator Williams is this race’s true Trump candidate. The Forsyth County Republican is proud to be the first Georgia politician to throw his full-throated support behind the now-commander-in-chief’s 2016 campaign, and he’ll stamp his seal of approval on just about anything that comes from the White House. Williams says in an email that his relationship with the Trump administration will be “extremely valuable when it comes to things such as funding our Savannah port,” and he’s also set his sights on tackling wasteful government spending, cracking down on illegal immigration, ending the state income tax, and freezing college tuition rates.Like Trump, Williams doesn’t play his cards close to the chest; he’s a controversial character—last fall he launched a bump stock giveaway right after the rifle accessories were utilized by a gunman to kill 58 people and wound more than 500 others at a music festival in Las Vegas. His campaign touted Dogg the Bounty Hunter as its chairman, and Williams’ photo op with a militia raised eyebrows.He’s an unapologetic Second Amendment advocate, a supporter of “religious freedom” legislation, and a big proponent of medical marijuana expansion. He’s also proud to say he opposed the fuel tax breaks for Delta before the NRA drama roiled the issue.Public enemy No. 1 for Williams: “The Georgia political establishment, both Republican and Democrat. The establishment is scared to death of me becoming governor,” he says. “They know the gravy train of crony capitalism will come crashing to an end.”

May 5Georgia governor candidate Michael Williams calls out ‘politically correct bedwetters’ in response to Boy Scouts name change
.Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Michael Williams. Williams, who recently received an endorsement from former gubernatorial candidate Marc Urbach, released a statement in response to the scouting organization’s decision.—–
GOP Candidate Connects Boy Scouts Name Change With Caving To NazismMichael Williams, a candidate in this month’s gubernatorial primary, made the unusual connection in an angry statement on Thursday, a day after the 108-year-old organization announced that its youth “Boy Scouts” program would be renamed “Scouts BSA” to reflect its new gender-inclusive policies.


May 6

Scratch one Republican gubernatorial candidate. 
Marc Urbach, who debates with his cowboy hat on (no idea whether sleeps with his boots on), is out. He only received 0.2 percent of the vote in a recent poll. He endorsed Trumpist Michael Williams (3.2 percent in poll) on the way out.


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March 22, 2019

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