When two observers, from two different ends of the political spectrum see the same thing – that Donald Trump is a Fascist – the only logical conclusions one can draw is that they are both on target.

In this case both Eric Erickson in his post – http://theresurgent.com/donald-trump-just-another-fascist-with-an-enemies-list/ and Jay Bookman in his post – http://jaybookman.blog.myajc.com/2016/02/23/donald-trump-is-a-fascist-thug-and-would-govern-like-one/ same conclusion when Donald Trump went after the Conservative owners of the Chicago Cubs, the Ricketts Family.

Trump Twitted

And, as they should conservative voices call him out on it.

For Trump, self censorship is not a virtue.  And, that is actually a great thing for reasonable observers, because his Fascism will be on clear display.

What is the Ricketts offense that warrants such a strong response?  Well it appears the Ricketts family recently donated $3 million to a SuperPAC devoted to defeating Trump.

Trump continually praises Fascists and Strongmen.  He also flaunts his belief that he does not have to follow the rules we expect our leaders to adhere to.

Here is an example of Trump saying clearly, he is above the rules of a civil society:

Sadly these examples are easy to find.  At a rally in Las Vegas before tonight’s Nevada caucus, Trump said, after a protester interrupted and was escorted out peacefully by security:


“We’re not allowed to punch back anymore,” Trump complained, looking on from the podium. “I love the old days. You know what they used to do to a guy like that in a place like this? They’d be carried out on a stretcher, folks. Oh, it’s true…. The guards are being very gentle with him. He’s walking out, laughing, smiling. I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell you.”
“I’m just a guy who doesn’t want to be pushed around by a bunch of animals. These are animals.”

And as we saw in films from Germany in the 30’s, his Fascist fans cheered him on.  Just look at the videos and Twitter posts of supports with swastikas in their profile that back Donald Trump if you want proof of this.

I am praying that reasonable conservatives don’t want this clear reincarnation of German Fascism in the White House.  The comments by Erick Erickson and the others I listed above give me hope that a conservative wave will rise up against Trump and Fascist supporters and end this era of hate.