In 2000 Bush received 50,456M  Gore received 50,996M  Gore won the popular vote, but lost the election.

My question to Trump Voters, given your position on who should win the GOP Primary, who do you believe should have won the 2000 election.

Trump Voters say that the one with the most votes should win the GOP Primary, but I suspect they will say that popular vote should not be the decider in a November Election.

The reason is simple and obvious; Shifting Demographics.

I found the following at Donald Trump And America’s ‘Second Civil War

It provided the podcast below.

The Podcast Starts out with a discussion of the Voter suppression in the Arizona Primary Election.

And then goes on to talk with Steve Ross, a history professor at the University of Southern California.

In the Podcast Steve Ross Says,

“What we’re seeing [with Trump’s rise] is what I would call the second Civil War,”

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election, and for the first time in American history, a president was elected without getting a single electoral vote from the South. Southerners could see the writing on the wall: a future in which the North could keep electing presidents without them, and eventually outlaw slavery — either through Congress or the Supreme Court. So Southern states seceded from the union, launching historians have termed a “pre-emptive counter-revolution.” Looking at demographic trends today, Trump’s Supporters are making a similar calculation.

It’s not that all of Trump’s supporters want to own slaves or secede from the United States. But they can see their political clout disappearing, and are responding by supporting an extremist movement.

To Ross, a parallel with the mid-19th century American South is clearer than the common refrain that Trump is a fascist, although he emphasizes that Trump shares key characteristics with fascist leaders of the 20th century — a propensity for political violence, aggressively xenophobic hypernationalism and a loathing of the political left.

“Donald Trump is certainly on the road to fascism,” Ross said. “He is right now doing things that fascists do.”

I don’t actually like podcasts, they are too boring without video, but there is good information that we can use here.

I particularly like the idea of Shifting Demographics as the Root Cause of the Anger by Trump Supporters!  I think that makes perfect sense.

Of Course that raises another question, will Trump Voters accept these demographic changes peacefully.  I don’t think so.  But, hopefully a significant majority will do the right thing.  And we will get through this period without too much violence.  After all Peace is a relative to the context.

The only way Trump Voters are able to keep their voting majority today is through significant gerrymandering, voter suppression, and driving everything down to the State and Local level.  But, that will not stem the tide for much longer.  Their adherence to a 1st Century fixed text grows less reasonable every day.

The challenge is will they peacefully accept the new demographics?

Trump saying there will be riots if the is not the nominee is going to be a true test of democracy.  Will at some point Trump Voters accept defeat peacefully, or will there be riots?

I don’t think Trump Voters are really fans of Democracy if they are in the Minority?