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Principles, Schminciples – Lynch Mobs Are Cool If They Derail Trump – Kurt Schlichter
| Posted: Feb 12, 2018 12:01 AM The last couple months of success for Donald Trump’s administration have the liberals and their Fredocon buddies in a panic. It’s blocking their return to power. General John Kelly came into the White House as Chief of Staff and provided the much needed discipline that helped translate the […]

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February 12, 2018

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Kurt Schlichter


Posted: Feb 12, 2018 12:01 AM

The last couple months of success for Donald Trump’s administration have the liberals and their Fredocon buddies in a panic. It’s blocking their return to power. General John Kelly came into the White House as Chief of Staff and provided the much needed discipline that helped translate the President’s vision into the most conservative run of achievements since Ronald Reagan. And that has to be stopped.

Kelly has to go, and to do that they have to change the subject. So, why not lie about this Gold Star father and military hero and try to use his own honor as a weapon to get him to quit, or maybe bamboozle Trump into firing him?

Now, it was only moments ago when liberals were pretending to respect Gold Star fathers and military heroes. That was baloney, as is everything that drips out of their lying kale-holes. One might expect more of the Quisling Cons, but the real focus of these Conservative, Inc., saps is on getting back their pathetic sinecures in the Beltway milieu. They babble on, endlessly, about “principles,” but when you cut through their endless posturing, posing, and smarmy virtue signaling, their “principles” are disposable whenever disposing of them helps get them what they want.

This time their scam involves Rob Porter, who has been “credibly accused” of beating up his ex-wives. “Credibly accused” is apparently the new True Conservative™ standard since the principle of having to actually prove someone guilty of something in a neutral forum where all sides get to provide their evidence and arguments is no longer a thing.

Except it is a thing, and shame on you for going along with this cheap witch-huntery.

Yes, Porter’s ex-wives accuse him of various abuses which, if true, would make him a terrible person and a criminal. They are serious charges. But Rob Porter denies them, completely, and without reservation. He has worked with many people for years who have never seen any indication of any of this activity; they have seen the opposite.

Who do you believe?

I recall my mom, a judge who dealt with many kinds of cases, including family law, telling me two things when she swore me in in her courtroom. Number One was, “Don’t become one of those $%#%&@ LA lawyers.” Well, I clearly did not listen to that. But I did listen to her second bit of advice: “Everybody lies.”

That’s pretty cynical, but it’s true. Criminals lie. Cops lie. Kids lie. Businesspeople lie. Wives lie. Husbands lie. Not all the time, not every time, but there is no category of people that never lies. In every case, there are two sides. At least one party’s story is untrue.

So, who is lying here? The ex-wives? Porter? Maybe you feel comfortable crucifying those who choose to believe Porter’s denials, based on their knowledge of him, merely because he was accused. Well, I would expect that from liberals. But if this is now somehow “conservatism,” count me out.

Here’s the issue his White House co-workers faced. Exes lie about each other and make up abuse claims all the time. That may or may not be happening here, but it’s not unreasonable to take that into account when being asked to blackball a co-worker who has demonstrated zero tendency toward such activities in the entire time you worked with him. There was apparently a police report but no charges – this case has not been adjudicated in what used to be where we tried cases, court. I guess the new courtroom is social media.


Cue the liars to falsely accuse me of somehow defending spousal abuse simply because I dare to point out the perspective of Porter’s co-workers and to stand up for due process. So predictable, so lame.

And it was not a cut-and-dried perspective. Yes, there was a restraining order, but that is typically an ex parte proceeding – a proceeding where the restrained party does not appear and offer his side of the story – and the evidentiary standard is very low, as it should be. My mom used to issue these all the time. It simply keeps the parties apart for a while (though they can effect gun rights). It is not supposed to ruin their lives because it doesn’t adjudicate anyhting.

Another White House staffer, David Sorensen, resigned after he was accused by an ex of abuse. Except he says she abused him. I spoke to a source who knows both of them personally; my source believes David. According to the WaPo, so does her bridesmaid and Sorensen’s first wife. And so did his ex, when she denied being abused during the divorce proceedings. But regardless, I thought we believed the victims? Oh wait, is that true only if their plumbing is correct, and if they help create a narrative that undercuts Trump?

To quote Ray Donavan, where does he go to get his reputation back? Or is David Sorensen just another example of acceptable collateral damage in the liberals’ and conservafrauds’ campaign to destroy Trump and get their power and prestige back?

Pardon me if I’m spoiling the lynch party, but I’m old school conservative. I think if you want to punish someone you need to prove your charges in a forum where the accused gets to tell his side of the story. Sorry if that gets in the way of your short-term partisan advantage, but I’m committed to blind justice no matter how uncool and inconvenient you think it is.

Except this has nothing to do with justice. This manufactured outrage over Porter is a perversion of the right of due process into one where “credible accusations” – they are always credible if they help the liberal or Fredocon agendas – are enough to trash third party political opponents who refuse to play along. This whole uproar is designed not to deal with Porter, who none of us heard of before the media needed to change the subject last week, but to try to stop Trump’s momentum. They want Kelly out because it will hurt Trump and his administration and maybe bring chaos back to the White House.

They want that, desperately.

They don’t care about beating up women – they all voted for President You’d Better Put Some Ice On That and his abuse-enabler wife. Nor could allegedly spousal abusing Democrat Senators Sherrod Brown and Tom Carper be reached for comment, which is sad because Brown denies his ex’s claims (Carper admits slapping his wife). They ought to at least be men enough to stand up and say that Rob Porter and David Sorenson deserve a chance to give their sides of their stories, but nah.

The liberals and their pet conservatives howl that Trump wished Porter well as he left his job – should Trump have joined in the Two Minute Hate too? And then they were infuriated that he tweeted in support of due process – nice look, libs and GimpCons. Well, no matter what Trump does they’ll whine, so who cares?

It’s their slander of Kelly that is so despicable because it’s so transparently false and self-serving. They can’t, or won’t, even articulate what they are accusing John Kelly of doing. Come on, posers, say it!

No, instead they try to obscure their bogus accusations in a fog of ambiguity, claiming that the White House is an environment where women are undervalued or disrespected or some baloney. They are never clear, on purpose – they want to imply what they are too cowardly to say outright.

Are you saying John Kelly approves of beating up women? Come on, you gutless weasels, go out there and say that.

Look like the lying hacks you are.

If he’s innocent, it sucks that Rob Porter has to clear his name of these accusations. If he’s not, the hell with him. The same with David Sorenson. But if John Kelly resigns over this, over doing nothing wrong, then he has allowed his decency to be twisted and manipulated by those who have none to get what they can’t get through the ballot box – another step toward regaining their power.

And if President Trump fires Kelly, or anyone else, he lets his enemies win. What is rewarded gets repeated. He must draw the line here, or they will laugh at him as they gleefully destroy his administration.


Source: Principles, Schminciples – Lynch Mobs Are Cool If They Derail Trump – Kurt Schlichter