Our Current Values

We are Americans and we believe that America is a weaker and more dangerous place if we live in a divided country, dominated by politicians self interest and vested interest groups.

We are in a crisis of hatred and lies as we face a global threat of terrorism.

We believe that until Americans become accountable for being an informed electorate we will hand control of our country and our lives to the self interest groups.

We can take our country back from the self interest groups by recognizing the power that we hold in the way we vote and hold politicians accountable for their actions.

Every day we make many life decisions that will affect ours and our loved ones futures. Our ability to make better decisions is based on our ability to predict how our life will change in the short and long term.

The houses we buy, the careers we choose, the money we save are all decisions based on what we believe will be the best for us in the future.

That future is to a great extent influenced by our politicians. However our political system is focused on limiting and distorting information for politicians self interest and pleasing the lobbyists, because we do not demand better.

The Connected Community is a non-partisan organization that aims to use technology to help Americans establish better control over their futures by providing validated facts and trends.

The aim is to enable busy Americans to quickly gain access to the best facts and trend information so they can more easily identify action opportunities.  The Connected Community can then demand justification and commitment from politicians to the actions they are proposing.

Transparency is critical to the integrity of the political process.  The political systems must make transparency a clear goal.

We believe that most Americans have similar values and aims in life. As is usually the case, because a large part of the moderate electorate is not engaged in a meaningful way, the extremists have undue influence.

We are against labels. This is not about Democrats, Republicans, or Libertarian’s.  This is about Americans acting for America.

We have established a preliminary list of values that we believe all Americans should believe in.

In the Connected Community this list will be constantly refined to better reflect the rapidly changing environment that we all live in. These values are meant to be the foundation that allows us all to work together. They are not meant to determine political strategy, although inevitably some will influence it.


Specific Community Values As of June 15, 2016



Health Care Values

  • It benefits everyone to positively contribute to the Communities’ health.
  • Physically & Mentally Healthy Community is the goal.
  • Healthcare must be seen as part of an “Ecosystem.”  The Ecosystem includes: 1) Networks – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint,  2) IT – Apple, Microsoft, Google, EPIC Systems, 3) Logistics – UPS, Amazon, 4) DME – Baxter, Johnson and Johnson, 5) Providers – Doctors, 6) Drugs, 7)911 – Police, Fire, Community Boards,
  • Healthcare does fit a “Free Market” system because there is too little information being shared in the ecosystem.
  • There should one transparent National Healthcare Plan focused on a promoting a healthy nation with a higher investment in healthcare education and preventative medicine, regulated by the government in terms of fees and expenses. The US currently has worse healthcare outcomes than other developed countries. We should have the best!
  • The National plan should use it’s bulk purchasing power to get the most cost efficient delivery of prescription medications and healthcare resources as all other OECD countries do.
  • Corporations should not be involved in the delivery of Healthcare as it hurts their global competitiveness, employee benefits, salary increases and job growth. No other OECD country delivers healthcare through employers.
  • There should be the opportunity to purchase additional insurance for an improved service in terms of any waiting periods or private rooms. The quality of care should however be constant for all Americans.
  • There should be tort reform to improve the transparency of the performance of healthcare professionals and the introduction of true risk management to reduce malpractice and accidents.
  • The US has the only For Profit Healthcare system among developed countries and the only “unregulated” market enabling all the International and US pharma companies to make the majority of their profit here.
  • The introduction of a regulated US healthcare market will reduce the incentive to invest in new innovations in healthcare by the global Pharma companies. If we want to continue financing healthcare innovation for the rest of the world, which is what we are currently doing, then we should devise some other way than placing the load on sick Americans.

Education Values

  • The better educated the community the better the community.
  • Basic Skills Education should be free or as close to free as possible.

Civics Values

  • All community members have a voice and the community needs to hear that voice.
  • All community members have needs that will improve the community and the community needs to understand those needs and support them.
  • All community members are not equal.  But, on average community members should be treated as equal.
  • We believe that the Political process should be transparent and justified. Politicians should produce a manifesto of their political strategies on each area prior to elections.
  • It is always better to induce good behavior rather than enforce compliance.

Economic Values

  • Commerce exists to benefit the community, not the other way around.
  • The effectiveness of the market is directed tied to the quality of information about the markets.
  • Basic economic rules are a necessity.
  • There should be a social safety net that helps the community members that would benefit from it.

Religious Values

  • Religion is Personal.
  • There should be no Religious Test to participate in the Community.
  • Religious Freedom ends where it interferes with others religious or non-religious beliefs.

Social Values

  • Diversity is Good.
  • People do not chose to be Gay.

Role of Government Values

  • The size of government will vary depending on the context.  So, the size will change based on the situation.
  • The government that governs least governs best.  But the government must govern.

Working Values

  • All community members should be entitled to a safe working environment.