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Connected Learning Communities

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Life Skills Learning Communities


Ask Da’ Dad is a Parenting Learning Community. The goal is to help the Community by helping the next generation thrive.


A community focused on improving all forms of human communication.


A place to Teach and Learn about Economics.


A place to Teach and Learn about Religion

Political/Civics Skills Learning Communities


A place to learn how to conduct Democracy in the 21st Century.

Understanding Conservatism

A place to learn about conservatism.

Healthcare Policy

A place to Teach and Learn about Healthcare Policy

Technical Skills Learning Communities

Internet Skills

A place to learn all the Skills you would need to become a Internet Master

Technology Management

A place to Teach and Learn about Technology

Telecom Law

A place to learn about telecommunications law.

Net Neutrality

A place to Teach and Learn about Net Neutrality

Physical/Geographic Learning Communities

Georgia 6th District

A place to learn to master all the life skills you need to Thrive in the 21st Century.

Nesbit Lakes, Georgia

A place for Residents of Nesbit Lakes to learn about their community.

Indian Rocks Beach

A place to learn about Indian Rocks Beach, Florida


A place to learn about California

Network Diagram – How Learning Communities Fit Together