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Learning Threads

Our Library is Cataloged by Learning Threads

Learning Threads are the high level things the Community believes it needs to learn in order to thrive.

Improve Business Skills

Accounting, Decision Making, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Improving Team Work, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Strategic Management, Workforce Development.


Economic Schools, Economic Myths, Economic Systems, Economic Cycles, Economics and Law, Economics Math,

Engineering & Science

Physics, Cognitive Science, Biology, Psychology


Personal Development

Career Development, Living Skills, Marriage & Family, Necessary Skills to Succeed, Nutrition & Wellness, Parenting, Personal Finance, Travel, Arts, Recreation.


Comparative Religion, Spiritual Forces, Religion in the 21st Century.



Information Management, Telecommunications, Wireless, The Internet, Social Media.


Building Consensus, Communication Theory, Communication Economics, Communication Infomatics, Interpersonal Communication, Media Literacy, Political Correctness, Social Media

Education and Teaching

Homeschooling, Learning Science, Educational Technology,


Supreme Court, Business Law, Telecommunications Law, US Constitution.


Political Science

2018 Election, Civics, Conservatism, Role of Government, Donald Trump.


Social Science

Philosophy, Civil War, Fascism, History, Racism, Terrorism, Biography, Linguistics


The 6th District Digital Library uses 21st Century Database tools to provide the most actionable learning .

Uses Blockchains and state-of-the-art information management tools

What Makes This Library Different

Most Libraries are searchable by the Book using the Dewey Decimal System.  This library is searchable by the word, the phrase, keywords, author, and reviews by other community members.

What are the Levels of Membership

4 Levels of Membership: 1) Resident – someone that lives in the Georgia 6th District, 2) Guest – Someone invited by a Resident, 3) Visitor – Profile Required, and 4) Browser – Anyone with a browser.

What are the costs

The first 1,000 to join receive a full lifetime membership.  After that we will have to see.  My hope is that we can produce premium content that will pay for the Community.  I’m actually thinking this could produce revenue for the Community.

How are the things in the Library Verified

We use a Blockchain and Tokens to verify the things that can be verified.  Tokens are rewarded, with increase in value, when they verify something.  The token can increase and decrease value based on confirming/refuting verifications from other tokens.

What is a Token

A token is your avatar or digital frontend.  A member can have multiple tokens, but one token can only belong to one member.  A token is the Public Key to the world.  A Token is protected by the members Private A-Key.

How to I download from the Library

For 80% of the things in the Library you can simply cut and paste.  However, premium content must be downloaded and you must be a member to download.

Free Content

80% of the downloadable content, in the Library, is free and available to anyone to download.

Premium Content

The top 20% of downloaded content is considered “Premium Content” and only available to Members.

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