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Using 21st Century Tools to Solve 21st Century Problems

The peculiar character of the problem of a rational economic order is determined precisely by the fact that the knowledge of the circumstances of which we must make use never exists in concentrated or integrated form but solely as the dispersed bits of incomplete and frequently contradictory knowledge which all the separate individuals possess. The economic problem of society is thus not merely a problem of how to allocate “given” resources—if “given” is taken to mean given to a single mind which deliberately solves the problem set by these “data.” It is rather a problem of how to secure the best use of resources known to any of the members of society, for ends whose relative importance only these individuals know. Or, to put it briefly, it is a problem of the utilization of knowledge which is not given to anyone in its totality.  (From Hayek’s essay “The use of Knowledge in Society)

F. A. Hayek

A Vision For The Future

By using 21st Century Tools we can fulfill our founding father’s hope of forming a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.  


Actionable Issues

Create a Cloud Platform to gather information from the Community, apply Artificial Intelligence and Collective Intelligence algorithms and present that information back to the community. 



Create a Blockchain for all the information so we can protect the information.


Everyone in the community gets an A-Key for Privacy.

Personalized Community Dashboard

Everyone in the community accesses the Community Library though a personalized dashboard.

Cloud Based Community Library

All the information is stored in a Community Library.  Community members can add value to the library.

Research Areas


  • Cognitive Science
  • Constitution, the Law, and the Courts
  • Criminal Law and Civil Liberties
  • Decision Science
  • Education and Child Policy
  • Energy and Environment
  • Finance, Banking, And Monetary Policy
  • Foreign Policy and National Security
  • Government and Politics
  • Health Care
  • International Economics, Development, and Immigration
  • Media Literacy
  • Political Philosophy
  • Poverty And Social Welfare
  • Social Security
  • Tax and Budget Policy
  • Telecom, Internet and Information Policy
  • Trade Policy

Hayekian behavioral economics

In a recent post, Cass Sunstein suggested that Behavior Economics somehow invalidates F. A. Hayek.  I disagree.  Using Fractal Thinking, Behavior Economics is perfectly aligned with Hayek and other important economic thinkers like Adam Smith....

Evidence The GOP Should Not Govern – They Want to Use Christian Biblical Law


Wide Partisan Differences Over Major Institutions

It is important to understand these differences. For example I conclude Republicans don't like new information.

Funding HR 676: The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act – How we afford a national single-payer health plan

Here is a PDF of the Report.[pdf-embedder url="https://ga6thdistrict.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Funding-HR-676-The-Expanded-and-Improved-Medicare-for-All-Act-1.pdf" title="Funding HR 676 - The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act"]

Trey Gowdy Fox News Spygate

I am going to write more about this.  This is just a placeholder.   REP. TREY GOWDY, R—S.C., CHAIRMAN, HOUSE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE: I think there are two things important to understand. Number one, the source of President Trump's frustration. Brennan say he should...

Evidence Woman Are Gaining Power

Stacy Abrams, the history-making African-American female Democratic nominee for Georgia governor, is more evidence women are gaining power in the US. Many more women are running for elected office, especially this year — the year in the echoes of Donald Trump's "hot...

Evidence Liberals Are Bad – Liberals Are Shutting Down Choice for Birth Moms

The Daily Signal provided evidence Liberals are bad in a post called "How Liberal Activists Are Shutting Down Choice for Birth Moms" While, I don't agree with the conclusions in the post, and I question some of the evidence they provide, the narrative they present is...

Evidence the Georgia GOP loves a Police State

By now everyone has heard of the "Jake" TV Spot.  Here it is in case you've not seen it. By now everyone has heard of the "Jake" TV Spot.  Here it is in case you've not seen it. A lot of people are talking about all the Gun Ads .   Here is NPR talking about it....

Brian Kemp Provides More Evidence Conservatives Cannot Govern Effectively

Brian Kemp provides more evidence Conservatives cannot govern. Apparently Secretary of State Brian Kemp is attacking another Conservative group called Citizens for Georgia's Furture. Conservatives have to attack everyone.  They trust no one.  No wonder our government...

Evidence Karen Handel is Not Bipartisan

Evidence Karen Handel is not bipartisan can be found in a Lugar Center and Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy report. The study found Karen Handel to be one of the least bipartisan House lawmakers. She was 435 out of 438 in terms of her ability to...

About The Liberal Libertarian Party

The Liberal Libertarian Party is a 21st Century Party that uses 21st Century tools to help our communities thrive.

Political Parties are a relic of the 19th and 20th Centuries.  They made sense when communication did not all for information gathering by the entire community.  Today, however, everyone can gather information.  We need to use that information to make better decisions.

Mission & Values

Our Mission is to help communities make better decisions so they can thrive in the 21st Century.

We value freedom and diversity.  We value information.  We value honesty.

Ready to take the next step and help our communities thrive?

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News & Updates

7 National Conservativism Beliefs

The third annual National Conservatism Conference was held Sept. 11-13, 2022. Here are 7 "Beliefs" as reported by the Daily Signal - 7 Highlights from National Conservatism Conference. Sen. Josh Hawley: ‘The American Revolution Is a Continuation of the Revolution of...

Trump administration demands Facebook info on anti-Trump activists

The Trump administration reportedly has obtained search warrants that would allow them access to the Facebook pages of thousands of anti-Trump protesters. The requested data — which targets all the information in three accounts — would include information on about...

18 21st Century Information Certifications Worth Having

I just ran across this post listing the 18 21st Century information certifications worth having.   Obtaining a professional certification is an indication that you’re an expert. It’s proof to employers, peers and even yourself that you speak and think in a...