Internet Learning Communities

We live in a connected world.  We have a digital presence. We need information that is not on paper in front of us (we always have and always will have this need).

This class can help anyone of any level learn more about Mastering the Internet.


Here is an example:

Course Syllabus

1. Learning Objective – Be able to Master the Internet.


2. References:

“The Ideas that changed the World,”  Encyclopedia Britannica, 2010, P52,

3. Course Description:

“Mastering the Internet” addresses the need to understand and manage the Internet for competitive advantage in an increasingly sophisticated business environment.

Topics include:

  • Identification of Technological Competencies necessary to master the Internet.
  • The evolution of the technology so that we can predict the future of the technology
  • The design and management of systems necessary to master the Internet
  • eCommerce and Digital Rights Management

4. Terminal Course Objectives

A. Be able to pick a URL, Register it, start up a web page with it.  Be able to do that quickly.  Be able to do that better than your competitors.

B.  Be able to understand, have an opinion about, and be able to communicate your opinion about Net Neutrality.

C.  Understand and use SEO for your websites.

D.  Be able to write a cogent and concise eCommerce Business Plan.

E.  Understand and manage your own “Digital Presence.”


5. Course Outline

  • Fundamental Laws of Internet
    1. Physics
    2. Math
    3. Electricity & Electronics
    4. Chemistry
    5. Biology
    6. Economics
    7. Political Science
  • Packet Networks
  • Wireless – 4G LTE
    1. VoLTE
    2. WWANs and WLANs
  • IPv6
  • Telecommunication Law
    1. Net Neutrality
    2. Unbundling
    3. The 96 Act and the Global Internet Agreement
  • eCommerce
    1. Digital Rights Management
    2. Protecting your Intellectual Property
    3. Copyrights, Trade Marks, and Patents
    4. Making Money
    5. Marketing
    6. Net Promoter Score and others
  • Security
    1. Gatways/Firewalls/Routers/Virus Protection
  • Storage
    1. SQL Databases
    2. Library Science
    3. Digital Libraries
  • Programming
    1. HTML, JAVA, Whatever is current
    2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    3. WordPress


Fundamental Laws of the Internet

Making Connections