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Moses Mainonides

This 12th Century Jewish Scholar is a very important Spiritual Voice.

I was just reading Moses Maimonides, a 12 Century Jewish Scholar.

He said of Judaism, after reading the Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plotinus, “reasoned inquiry” was not only reconcilable with Judaism, but in fact its central discipline.

He said “reasoned inquiry” was central to Judaism.

Unfortunately, there is substantial evidence to suggest, “reasoned inquiry” is NOT central to Fundamental or Evangelical Christianity. In fact, building on what Maimonides said, “reasoned inquiry” cannot even be reconciled with Fundamental or Evangelical Christianity.

To prove it, is there anyone here that can have a “reasoned inquiry” into what I am suggesting.

I could be wrong, and a “reasoned inquiry” should be pretty easy to see if I am right or wrong.

I was just studying Moses Maimonides, a 12th Century Jewish Scholar.

I just read that,hHe adopted an expansive view of wisdom. He had little patience for those who cared more about the prestige of scholars than the merits of their assertions and admonished his students: “You should listen to the truth, whoever may have said it.”

Unfortunately, Conservatives only listen the truths produced by fellow members of their tribe. They will never consider anything provided by a disliked tribe. The evidence of this the use of the term “Fake News.”

This, selective perception, confirmation bias, motivated reasoning, and reflexive tribalism, is particularly true for Fundamentalist and Evangelical Conservatives.