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The Georgia GOP Wants a Police State

Understand what a Police State is, and why the Georgia GOP is attracted to a Police State.  Spoiler Alert!  It has to do with Slavery and a belief that sparring the rod, spoils the children.

Lesson 1 : Cognitive Science - How Perception Works

A foundational discussion of how perception works and why Selective Perception, Confirmation Bias, Motivated Reasoning, and Reflexive Tribalism are so important to understand.

Lesson 2 : Police States - How to Recognize them

A definition of Police States. A history of Police States.  Modern Police States.  Fascism and Police States.

Lesson 3 : History of the US in Terms of the 2nd Amendment

Understand why the 2nd Amendment exists and how it relates to current Georgia GOP Positions.

Lesson 4 : Slavery and Legacy

Understand how Slavery still affects the Georgia GOP in terms of wanting, or in some of their minds, needing, a Police State.

Lesson 5 : Christianity and The Police State

Understand why Police States can be Christian?  And why is the Georgia GOP so heavily influenced by Christians?

Lesson 6 : Current Georgia GOP Positions

Understand the current Georgia GOP positions and why a Police State is so attractive to them.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what is a Police State and how to recognize one.
  • Understand the thinking of the Georgia GOP in terms Guns & Gun Control, Immigration, Gangs, the Military.
  • Understand Police States in other countries.
  • Understand how Trump has changed the GOP


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