Our Business Case

What Business are we in?

We are in the business of improving the decisions that impact success in life.  We are in the business of helping Community Members make better predications about the future.

We Feed The Need To Learn!

How do we do it?

Through a “Personalize Learning Community”  and a “Personal Life Dashboard.” 

A “Personalized Learning Community” establishes a personalized search engine and connection into a broad range of information sources that together provide the basis for more accurate “life decision making”.

A “Personal Life Dashboard” gives the user a easy way to know how they are doing in terms of financial security, career prospects, personal health and family health, discretionary spending, savings objectives for education and retirement, asset appreciation on property, and other important life decisions.

A Personalized Learning Community and a Personalize Dashboard provides quick and efficient access to the essential information that enable better decision making, reduces personal financial risk, enables improved success, and contributes to overall quality of life.

What are the challenges?

  • Details of the Information Management process for data capture, accreditation, and access.
  • Identification of the critical “decision” areas that will have the most impact for different sets of personal circumstances and appropriate data sources to populate them with the appropriate facts.
  • Establishing a critical path to a pilot product that we can use to test market (publish) the concept and engage possible partners in the final delivery.
  • Define the critical elements of an “Imaging” and marketing strategy. This will have to differentiate itself from other data sources. It must engage a disillusioned electorate, and people who have recognized that there is no practical source of trust worthy facts that they can access at present, to manage the increasing risk in their lives.
  • Define a Marketing strategy that will engage the different market sectors through tailored messaging.
  • Define the critical elements of the distributed network:
    • The central Database and credible data sources for different topics.
    • The Data Management and accreditation process for data input/updating and data use within the community network.
    • Eligibility requirements for community participants.
    • Content and presentation of the “Personal Dashboard” for life   management.
    • Structure of the learning communities within the overall Connected Community.
  • Establish the algorithms for the translation of credible data into output to populate the Personal Dashboard.

Quick Learns

Create “Quick Learns” for key areas, Personal Financial Planning and Budgeting, Healthcare decisions, Time Management, Self Assessment, Education/Career Planning, Self Perception, Relationship Management and Negotiating Skills.

Quick Learns are “micro learning modules.”