What are Learning Tracks & How do they Work?

Learning Tracks represent the broadest possible range of learning opportunities.

They represent the questions a particular Learning Community wants to ask.  Theoretically, each Learning Community would prioritize and or scale the questions uniquely.

  1. “Information Management” learning track is interested in:
    1. How Information is Generated?
    2. How Information is Stored and Retrieved?
    3. How Information is Communicated?
    4. How Information is analyzed?
    5. How Information is Acted upon?
  2. learning Track is interested in:
    1. How to improve Interpersonal Communication?
    2. How to improve Family/Group/Team/Political Communication?
  3. Improve Decision Making”
    1. How to improve Decision Making?
    2. How to avoid fatal mistakes?
  4. Economics and Politics”
    1. What is the best economic system for a particular situation?
    2. What is the proper role of Government in Economics?
  5. Religion”
    1. How does Religion fit into a 21st Century Information Age?
  6. Mastering the Internet”
    1. What is the right Answer for “Net Neutrality?”
    2. What is the best way for a community to promote competition and innovation?