How learning Communities Work

In my travels over the last couple of years I’ve visited two 16th and 17th Century libraries.

This is the Library in the Church of San Francisco in Lima Peru.



This is the library in the Benedictine abbey in Melk Austria

The point is that in the old days if you wanted to do any research you had to go to a library and access was limited to just a few people.  It was up to those people to then communicate the research they did in the library or laboratory  to the community.  It was essentially one way communication.   And if you wrap the “Church” around this process, which of course it was since they had the libraries, the communication was actually from God.

Today, in the 21st Century, things are different.  We have the Internet!  Anyone can get information.  And anyone can communicate that information.  This means that everyone can contribute to the learning of the community.

An Example of How a Learning Community works using Learning about Global Warming

I think I found a great example of how how a Learning Community works using Global Warming.

There exists a thing called Global Warming.  Some people think it is real.  Some people think it is a Hoax. Both views cannot be simultaneously correct.  So, the question is which one is correct.  In the old days professors or preachers would do the research and present that research to the community.

Recently the Founder of the Weather Channel put out the results of his research.  He thinks Global Warming is a Hoax.

Here is his position.

OK, interesting. He makes a lot of comments.