Dynamic Course Updates


Accumulated Knowledge Input

Over the years I’ve taught many classes.  But, more often than not I would teach the same class over and over again.  Each time I am sure that one or more of the students in the class learned something that would help future classes.  But, under our current traditional education system any learning by the student is retained only by the Student.  There is no way to feed that learning back and pay forward to future classes.

The Learning Community fixes the problem of no accumulated knowledge by providing a process where learners can dynamically update a class so future learns are benefits.  It is a “pay it forward” approach to learning.

Accumulated Knowledge Input (AKI) works by focusing learning around questions that need answering.   And then structuring the information answers those questions around Data, Facts, or Conclusions.

So take for example, the Wireless Class.  One question that needs answering is, “Should I use the WiFi AC Standard?”  One can answer that question with a simple yes or no.  That is called a conclusion.  To support that conclusion one has to have data, and facts.