Information Structure

Broad view of the Information Structure of the @lantistm Learning Communities Information Structure.

Three Broad Types of Information:

  • Private Information – Information intended to never leave the Learning Community
  • Simi-Private Information – Information that leaves the Learning Community but is intended to be private. However, once it leaves the Community there is can be no expectation of privacy because the Learning Community loses control of the data.
  • Public Information – Information intended to leave the Learning Community and be “Public”

Page Structure – Two Parents

  • Administration Information – Used to make each @tlantistm Learning Community Operational. All information in this section is unique to each learning Community. It is
    • Learning Community Architecture – A description of how Learning Communities work.
  • Knowledge Database – A digital version of a Library. Contains all Data, Facts, and Conclusions.  Shared with all other Learning Communities using “@lantis Standard Communication Structure.”
    • Webliography
      • Links to other Learning Communities
      • Other Interesting links
    • Skills Assessments