How Our Learning Community Works

Blockchain & Token Powered Learning Platform for the 21st Century.


In a Hyper-Connected World 

“Information” becomes one of the Most Valuable Resources!

Information is the core commodity of today’s 21st Century Hyper-connected digital world. 

Our Learning Community uses 21st Century Tools to “MINE” all the information we can get to produce actionable information.

Our goal is getting the best information when we need it and in format that best meets our needs for that moment.


Information is Distributed, Unverified, and Unconnected.

The Consequences of Closed Networks

There is information all over the Internet.  But, getting the best information, that is most actionable for you, is nearly impossible because most information networks don’t easily share information in ways that make that information actionable to you.

Inconsistent Information

Most people have multiple sources of information, many of which have inconsistent information floating around.

Lost Value and Opportunity

The inability to share value in the form of experiences, reputations and reviews, means losing out on opportunities.

No Control

The various information networks own and control information within their platforms. They change rules constantly at their consent and even share user data via partnerships without user’s knowledge. Users have little to no control over what these information networks do.


Connecting Information From Across the Web.

The Learning Community Protocol is an open network revolutionizing how information is gathered, store, analyzed, and communicated within the Community.