Personalize Learning for the Digital World

Learning powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), Advanced Networking, Blockchains, Tokens, and the Cloud.


In a Hyper-Connected World

“Information” becomes one of the Most Valuable Resources!

Information is the core commodity of today’s 21st Century Hyper-connected digital world.

Our Learning Community uses 21st Century Tools to “MINE” all the information we can get to produce actionable information.

Our goal is getting the best information when we need it and in format that best meets our needs for that moment.


Information is Distributed, Unverified, and Unconnected.

The Consequences of Closed Networks

There is information all over the Internet.  But, getting the best information, that is most actionable for you, is nearly impossible because most information networks don’t easily share information in ways that make that information actionable to you.

Inconsistent Information

Most people have multiple sources of information, many of which have inconsistent information floating around.

Lost Value and Opportunity

The inability to share value in the form of experiences, reputations and reviews, means losing out on opportunities.

No Control

The various information networks own and control information within their platforms. They change rules constantly at their consent and even share user data via partnerships without user’s knowledge. Users have little to no control over what these information networks do.

Key Features of Our Learning Community!

Personalize Dashboard

Get all the actionable information when you need it.

Dynamically Updated Classes and Lessons

All Classes and Lessons are tied back to the Learning Library.  As things in the Library are updated, all classes and lessons that use that information are updated.

Meta-Data added to Information

The Learning Community adds significant value to “Information” by adding “Meta-Data” about the Information.  Things like “Authority of the Source,” second and third party verifications,  context, and other things are added to the Meta-data.

Inoculation To “Fake News.”

Using the “Meta-Data” available to the Learning Community, current events are curated and ranked for relevance to you.  That way you only get the most actionable information.

Our Learning Community is different than anything out there.

Our Learning Community is a decentralized learning eco-system that lets users take and teach classes, join community discussion, and automatically connect their profiles, reputations and experiences across the web with privacy and security.

More User Trust

The Learning Community provides transparency and complete control of your own data.


A Better Experience

Leverage rich user information to build a robust and customized learning experience without having to worry about filtering out the noise.

The Only Learning Tool You’ll Ever Need

When fully populated the Learning Community will be able to satisfy all your learning needs.

Learn New Things

Take Classes for fun, or to enhance your career skills

Combat Fake News

Use the Learning Community as a way to inoculate your self from all the misinformation floating around.

Have Useful Discussions

The Learning is the best place to have useful discussions with other members of the community.  Using Blockchains and tokens discussion can be free of spam and trolls.

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