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The Georgia 6th District Learning Community is a Private and Exclusive online community.

You must be a Resident of the Georgia 6th District to be a full member.  Guests can join if they have a Member Sponsor.

Every Member is given a “Private Key” that helps the Member and Community ensure that only Members and Guests, in good standing, can participate.

The “Private Key” is also used in building the Learning “Blockchain” Learning Communities use to help optimize learning in a 21st Century Digital World.

Let us know at what level you wish to participate. We will sign you up right away.

Member Level

1 + 10 =

4 Ways to Participate

  • Resident – Physical Resident of Georgia 6th District.
    • Can Access all Information, Participate in Discussions, and add value to the Library.
    • Can add products and services to the Marketplace.
  • Guest – Must have a Resident as a Sponsor.
    • Can Access non-HOA related discussions.
    • Can Add value to the Library
    • Can add products and services to the Marketplace.
  • Visitor – Anyone, but must sign on.
    • Can Access Classes.
    • Can access the Marketplace, but cannot add products or services.
  • Browser – Anyone
    • Can Access some Content  –  But very limited!