The Georgia 6th District Learning Community is Your Connection to Your Future

Why should you Join Our Learning Community?

You should join our Learning Community so you can tap into the power of your community. You should join so you can take control of your life and your time.

What are the Benefits of Membership in the Learning Community?

Every decision that you make assumes that something in the future will happen.

Get the facts about the trends and events that will shape you and your family’s future and improve the quality of your decisions.

Build wealth more effectively, increase your financial security, use your rights as a voter to more effectively improve your future.

Don’t get buried in the overload of information, misinformation and lies.

Become a connected member of a community with the common interest of taking more control of their future.

Join The Connected Community

What do you get?

* A simple to use, customized, independent source of facts and trends, vetted for validity and tailored to enable you to make better life decisions and take control of your future.

* The ability to understand how the trends that will influence your future. “Quick Learn” teaching modules that enable you weigh up your life options in terms of financial planning, investments in Housing/Location, Education and Career.

* Personal skills development, how to manage yourself to make the most of your abilities. Public speaking, negotiating and selling skills, time management, health and life style.

* How to use your vote effectively within an organized connected community uncluttered by emotion and informed about the relevant facts and trends.

* The ability to contribute your skills and knowledge into a community to make sure that it remains relevant to you and improves the quality of life and financial security for its participants through mutual common interests.