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Amnesty Will Destroy the GOP
An example of MAGA GOP Beliefs. It is important to know what they really believe.

Added By: Ira Gorelick

March 13, 2023

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(NOTE: When I first saw this post I copied it as it as you see it. if you go to this now it says, “Thom Tillis Will Destroy the GOP.” The slug still stays “Amnesty” which proves I was correct. It is interesting they changed it. I wonder why.)

It really is that simple. If you want to wreck our party, do the one thing we absolutely told the party not to do. Give amnesty.

The Republican Party is coming off five national losses in a row – and if you think that the dismal results in the 2022 general constitute a victory in light of the historical trends and loathsome opponents we faced, I cannot help you. Right now, the base is disgusted and demoralized. It looks out across the smoldering ruins of what used to be a great nation, and it might be forgiven for thinking that the GOP is irreparably broken. Certainly the straits status is “Dire,” as the Democrats grind on. That noxious party is a collectivist collection of Marxists, suckers, aspiring fascists, criminal coddlers, neurotics, regime media toe-shrimpers, weirdos, loser, mutations, perverts, and fans of Rage Against the Machine conspiring to turn us into some sort of continental college campus run by the kind of people who operated that weird organic coffee house off the ole University of College quad. 

How are we going to beat them, the Republican base – those poor saps who knock on doors and make calls and write checks – wonders? What’s the plan? What the next step?

And the Republican Party establishment has answers, terrible answers.

Let’s re-elect as the party leader the woman who has lost five national elections in a row. She’s due!

What’s her plan? I don’t know. Neither do you, because she’s not talking to us mere party members. She’s talking to the connected insiders who make up the 168 Republican National Committee members, and only to the connected insiders who make up the 168 Republican National Committee members. Because ignoring the base is the best way to get the base fired us and ready to take action.

Of course, that action will be staying home in 2024. But hey – Ronna’s sinecure will be safe and that’s the important thing. Remember, the purpose of the GOP is to provide something to do for bored rich people – like flying to beautiful and expensive Dana Point, California, to have their election next month – not win elections. 

Mission accomplished.

Well, maybe we can electrify the base with some popular policy initiatives. Conservative voters have a lot of things they would like to see happen, so maybe get them motivated with some great new proposal to stop crime, or get the military oriented into fighting wars instead of housing weirdo perverts who dress as sex puppies, or cut spending, or ensure freedom – you know, good, red meat conservative stuff!

How about…Amnesty!


Yeah, they don’t call it “amnesty,” but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and creates ten million new Democrat-voting citizens out of illegal aliens, it’s amnesty. And that’s political strychnine cut with cyanide. If there’s one thing that Republican voters want, it’s to have their desperation ignored and for our GOP poohbahs to make sure that a bunch of foreigners who broke our laws not only get a free pass – hey, you US citizen saps break a law and see what happens! – but hand them the citizenship that people like my wife waited years to earn legally. And then they register Democrat!

It’s a win-win…for everyone except Republican voters.

But then, none of this is about Republican voters. It never is.

Look, Senator Thom “The Thinker” Tillis is the kind of empty-skulled empty suit who usually does not do much damage. He can preen around with his little coterie of minions, getting sucked up to and generally imagining that he’s one of 100 respected solons instead of a timeserving joke on the tail end of the mental Bell Curve between Edward Markey and Mazie Hirono. 

That’s fine, as long as he votes the right way and keeps his trap shut. But like the infinitely more able Fredo Corleone, Thom decided he needed to be more than the senatorial equivalent of the guy you send to pick up someone from Dulles Airport. Thom can handle things. He’s smart, you see, not dumb like everyone says. He’s smart and he wants respect. And maybe a nice write up in the WaPo. 

And because he’s a genius, he negotiated a deal in which the Democrats end up with ten million new votes and he gets a handful of magic beans. Maybe he can share them with Eric Swalwell.

This is almost unimaginable. After a giant couple of defeats, the brilliant game plan is to shove amnesty – the single most repellant policy there is to the GOP base that does not involve confiscating guns or killing babies – through before the incoming House GOP can stop it. I’ve asked before and I ask again – if this buffoon was a Democrat plant, what, precisely, would he be doing differently?

Here’s what the effect will be on the Republican Party if this betrayal happens. Total disaster. 

The entire party base is already disgusted. They will ask, with good reason, why they should keep supporting the GOP and what should we tell them? 

Because Ronna has to pay the mortgage on her mansion? 

Because blazing mid-wit Thom Tillis wants people who hate him in the regime media to call him a statesman for a few days before going back to calling him a Nazi? 

Because the Democrats are worse?

But how are the Democrats worse if our own party enacts Democrat policies?

Do you want to lose in 2024, because this is how you do it? You want another Trump, or maybe the same one, because this is how you get him? Were you asleep for the last 20 years when the base of the party rejected the careful, sober managers of decline that were the GOP Establishment? If we wanted Jeb!, we would have selected the original instead of a thinner, dumber knock-off like Thick Thom.

Every time we take a step forward as a party, we get knocked two steps back, usually by the dillweeds, dummies, and doofi of our own side. You know, supporting a party is a lot of work, and not just physical work. It’s emotional too. You can only get spit in the face so many times before you say “No more.”

Time for the party’s alleged adults to rein in the rogue elements – McConnell, McCarthy, Trump, DeSantis and others. But that makes one big assumption – that the people destroying the Republican Party from inside are the rogue elements.