Leah Barkoukis, in this post, claims to clearly demonstrate Media Bias.  Her intent is to somehow minimize the Moore problem for the GOP by showing selective facts that suggest Liberals are worse.

Ms. Barkoukis said, “Over a four-day period from November 9 to November 13, ABC, CBS and NBC dedicated 79 minutes and 42 seconds of morning and evening newscasts to covering the allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore from the 1970s.  Meanwhile, a sitting Democratic senator was on trial since early September but the coverage among these networks was practically nonexistent.  Totaling the numbers, the three networks have focused on the Moore scandal 40 times more than Menendez’s trial, which Newsbusters points out “is based on an actual federal prosecution, as opposed to a story in the Washington Post.”

#1 –  Ms. Barkoukis does not list the fact that Fox News focuses most of their time on Russian and Clinton and little time on Russia and Trump.  This makes sense.  Media outlets are commercial entities.  (Conservatives, under Ronald Reagan, fought and won the removal of the “Fairness Doctrine or Equal Time Doctrine.)  Media outlets run the stories their audience wants.  Any reasonable conservative cannot support the free market for ideas and than attack media outlets from talking about what they want to talk about.

#2 – Moore is running for the Senate.  There is an election in few weeks.  Alabama voters need information to make an informed decision.  Menedez is being charged with “pay to play.”  Just like many politicians from all parties.  We know politicians hand out a lot money (not their money).  As a result of have so much power over who gets money there is, was, and will always be, a lot of pressure on politicians to take bribes. Moore on the other hand is being accused of sexual crimes.  This is order of magnitude different.

#3 – Ms. Barkoukis, said, “The difference in coverage of these two ethics scandals demonstrates the media’s double standard.”  Editorial policy is not a double standard.  Editorial boards can, and should, edit the news to fit their narrative.  It is up to the consumer to tell the difference.