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US Muslims MUST be Heavily Involved in Vetting Muslim Refugees!
A practical proposal for including US Muslims in the process of integrating new Muslims into our country.

Added By: GA6th Staff

November 18, 2015

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Muslims have been trying to immigrate to Western Countries for years because of any number of economic, political, and religious reasons. However, this immigration tide has recently become a Tsunami.  So, whether we like it or not, we need to figure out the optimal way to deal with it.
The most obvious first step is to decide if we want to accept any at all, some, or all.  If the decision is to not accept any, or accept all, then we can stop the discussion here.
But, if the decision is to accept some, then the next step is to figure out how determine which ones to accept.  As a basic principle I would suggest we accept only those that will be a net positive in the community.

How to determine which Muslim we should accept

The problem is that it is impossible to verify their credentials or their motives as they are coming from areas where there are no records available.
Who should then be accountable for approving their acceptance and rooting out actual and potential terrorists?
This would of course be the appropriate government agencies. However, why not get the contribution of the people who have the experience to recognize the individuals most likely to be radicalized, US Muslims already here?
I believe that there should be an approval process, that includes panels of US Muslims, that sign their approval for each individual that is accepted.

If the US Muslim community is not prepared to do this then we should not accept any of these refugees.

This would not only improve the safety of US citizens but also help immigrants, who truly want to join the US Muslim community, integrate successfully. It will also show recognition of the importance of the US Muslim community in supporting all Americans.