This goes into the media literacy learning track.

Notice the headline’s use of the word “Stunned.”  In the post the author uses the word “hesitated.”  While I might disagree with the use of the word “hesitated” and used the words “thought carefully about a key campaign issue,” “hesitated” could be technically correct.

But, the word “hesitated” does not suggest why he hesitated.  However, the word “stunned” does suggest an emotional and intellectual negative (which I am sure is what the author was going for.)

I also find it interesting this was posted in the “Business Insider.”  Clearly this provides insight into their political bias.

Each candidate was permitted to ask their opponent one question during the debate. When it was Handel’s turn, she asked, “So Jon, I guess what I would like to know is, exactly who are you going to vote for in this election?”

After Handel asked the question, Ossoff hesitated, and then asked, “Is that the question?”