This email came across my desk today.

It is from Ron Paul’s Homeschool Business

Here is what it say’s:

This college professor at a tax-funded university has advice for
conservative parents about college.

“Your sons and daughters should go to college and take the full range of
classes, even ones from Marxist sociologists. They will learn something.
In fact, if your children share your conservative views, they will receive a
better education than the progressive students who are getting their
beliefs reinforced, not challenged. Your children’s thinking on
important issues will become more nuanced and sophisticated.”

My advice is to avoid paying your hard-earned, after-tax money to send your
children to study with Marxist professors of anything. Worst of all are
Marxist sociologists. There are few jobs for college graduates with
degrees in sociology, except at fast-food restaurants.

If you’re children must study under Marxists, make sure they are Marxist
professors of engineering. The problem is, there aren’t any.

Far better is to keep your kids at home, let them quiz out of the first two years
with CLEP exams ($2,000), and earn their B.A. or B.S. degrees from an online
university (another $10,000). Let them pay for their college costs.

They should major in business, not sociology.

They should start taking CLEP exams before they complete high school. A good
curriculum will equip them to pass CLEP exams in each course they complete at

I have a problem with this on a lot of levels.  But, the biggest problem is the hate this directs to people that think differently.  By the hate I am referring to the use of the term “Marxist” in a pejorative sense.  Having a different political and/or economic view does not, in and of itself, make learning from that person “evil.”