Evidence the Georgia GOP loves a Police State

By now everyone has heard of the “Jake” TV Spot.  Here it is in case you’ve not seen it.

By now everyone has heard of the “Jake” TV Spot.  Here it is in case you’ve not seen it.

A lot of people are talking about all the Gun Ads .


Here is NPR talking about it. After Parkland, Some Republicans Try To Outdo Each Other On Gun Rights In Primaries.

There is a lot of good evidence in that post.


Georgia governor candidate aims gun at teen in campaign ad. ‘Get over it,’ he tells critics.

The Washington Post is very. interested in looking for evidence.



So the Narrative is that Trump and His Supporters at Fascists.

This fight over who can be who can be the most violent, who can be the most physically forceful, and who can be toughest against “Crime” provides evidence for that narrative.

These stories about how Guns are playing into the Trump narrative of “Strong” leaders.  It would be reasonable to conclude that the evidence provided in these stories supports that conclusion.

Of course, there are other reasonable narratives.  I will be interested in seeing those narratives articulated and evidence found to support them.



Tisdale acquitted of felony charge, guilty of misdemeanor obstruction

If there is any question we live under a Fascist Police State, the fact Mz. Tisdale was found guilty of obstruction of the Law should dispel any doubt.

Apparently in Georgia, if the police want to force you to behave in a certain way, you must comply. It apparently does not matter if the Police are acting within the law or not.

This guilty verdict reinforces the power of the Police State. And with our current Federal Administration in power, I expect this will get much worse.

A Dawson County jury acquitted Nydia Tisdale of the most serious charge of felony obstruction and a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespassing. But Tisdale was found guilty of misdemeanor obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Governor 2018: Fake news in Georgia reaches all-time high, Kemp says

A spokesman for Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who is running for governor next year, said the recent controversy over a Kennesaw State election server “is a tasteless nothingburger cooked up by liberal activists who know their lawsuit is nothing short of stupid. “President Donald Trump was on […]

Conservative Unwittingly Exposed Conservative’s Logic Achilles Heel

In a short throw-a-way post on RedState.com, an unknown Conservative Blogger, unwittingly exposed Conservative’s Logic “Achilles Heel.”


The Blogger makes two statements:

  1.  “He has worked tirelessly to bring about individual liberty, but will vote against a bill that removes the government’s power to force you to buy health insurance, regardless of whether or not you can afford it.”
  2. I realize I’m just a blogger, and maybe I’m in the minority here. But, this is something we at RedState have been talking about for years: the words of politicians should be backed up by action. If they aren’t, we have to find someone who can back them up and get them elected instead. I won’t say it’s time to primary Rand Paul… but the people of Kentucky deserve better. If he can’t be better… then yeah.

I highlighted the two key parts.

#1 – “government’s power to force you to buy health insurance”  – Specifically the Government Mandate in Obamacare.  Conservatives hate this mandate.  They hate Government

A key Conservative logic foundation is that it is bad for the government to force behavior.  The Conservative Achilles Heel here is defining the words, “Government,” “Force,” and “Behavior.”  The Achilles Heel here is that conservatives believe they can define all those words for every situation.  Conservatives think all these words are binary.

The Achilles Heel here is those words are not “binary” they are “analog.”  There is a continuum from Zero force to Infinite force.  And there is a continuum from local government to National or International Government.  And there is a continuum of behaviors.

In order to logically apply the foundational thinking that it’s Always bad for the government to force behavior you have to say where the boundaries are to that thinking.

The Achilles Heel is that one either believes it is bad for the government to force behavior, or it depends on the level of government and the kind of force being used and the behavior being affected.

is binary or is wrong for government to force behavior at any level of government on any topic and in any way.  Or, While, I tend to agree at the Macro level that , I think the level of Government is important. Is it the Federal or State or Local or even Community Government?  Also, in addition to what level of government you are talking about, what are the specific definitions of force being applied?


A community can force drivers to have car insurance so if they cause an accident the other parties can be made whole.  Why, then can the community not force a resident of the community to have health insurance?  Perhaps because their actions shouldn’t cause harm to anyone else.  But, if you agree to treat everyone in, at a minimum, an emergency room, and if you further agree that if they can’t pay, the community to subsidize the care, then, then can


The question that this post raises is that it is bad for the government to force you to do anything, so shouldn’t it be bad for the government to force you to buy health insurance.


#2 – “the words of politicians should be backed up by action. If they aren’t, we have to find someone who can back them up and get them elected instead.”  Points to the “Fascist” A key Conservative logic foundation is that words of politicians should be backed up by action.   The action referred to here is a conservative action; lowering taxes, killing Obamacare, national defense, etc.

Karen Handel Disagrees with Trump’s Pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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U.S. Rep. Karen Handel, R-Roswell , told constituents listening on a “telephone town hall” Wednesday night, August 30, 2017, disagreed with Trump’s pardon of former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. She said the move was premature. “I guess what concerns me there is that the court system or the court process has not even had an opportunity to move forward and the case is still on appeal.”


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