How Trump Will Fight Voter Fraud After Shutting Down Panel

After issuing an executive order late Wednesday closing his commission to investigate voter fraud, President Donald Trump now stresses the need for more voter identification and has tasked the Department of Homeland Security with ensuring the integrity of elections.

The White House so far is not saying that the president will call for a national voter ID system. But his tweets Thursday seemed to suggest so:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t have a decisive answer Thursday on whether the president favored a national voter ID system.

“We are still going to continue to review the best way forward,” Sanders said in a response to a question from The Daily Signal during the press briefing.

“Just because the election commission is no longer in existence, we are going to send the preliminary findings from the commission to the Department of Homeland Security and make determinations on the best way forward,” she said.

Asked why the Department of Homeland Security instead of the Justice Department, which traditionally investigates voting irregularities, is taking up the matter, Sanders told The Daily Signal: “That was the agency that was best determined by the administration, and we are moving forward and letting them take over the process.”

Vice President Mike Pence was chairman of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was vice chairman. The president appointed the bipartisan commission, also known as the Voter Fraud Commission, in May.

Kobach, a Republican, has been a longtime advocate of voter ID, but will not advise the Department of Homeland Security going forward, a spokesman said.

“At the president’s direction, the department continues to work in support of state governments who are responsible for administering elections, with efforts focused on securing elections against those who seek to undermine the election system or its integrity,” Tyler Houlton, the department’s acting press secretary, told The Daily Signal in an email. “Mr. Kobach is not advising the department on this matter.”

The commission’s work was besieged from the outset by lawsuits and uncooperative state officials, according to the White House and some commission members.

“Foes of election integrity lost their seat at the table,” J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation and another Republican commission member, said of the panel’s folding in a written statement Wednesday.

“Now the important work of improving the integrity of the election process will be done by people who believe in election integrity, not by those who seek to preserve vulnerabilities in the system,” Adams said.

Adams, a former Justice Department lawyer, continued:

Over the years, demonstrable and empirical data has been developed showing noncitizen voting, double voting, and defects in the election system that no credible observer could deny. Some news outlets and activists have decided to ignore those facts, as if they do not exist.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of well-funded groups, activist academics, and individuals who are not credible who sought to undermine and sabotage the commission’s work. They may delight today in the dissolution of the commission, but before long they’ll realize that advocates of election integrity have more stamina, support, and perseverance than they realize.

The White House commission was made up of seven Republicans and five Democrats. Among the Democrats was Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, who sued the commission while he was a member, accusing it of not sharing information.

Despite dissolving the commission, Dunlap said, the Trump administration still will have to honor a federal court order to provide him with information.

“I didn’t want to go to court,” Dunlap told The Daily Signal in a phone interview. “All I wanted, honest to God, was to participate and get an answer to all of my questions.”

Dunlap said he is concerned with the Department of Homeland Security’s role.

“How many driver’s license has Homeland Security issued?” he asked rhetorically. “None. How many elections has Homeland Security run? None.”

“I was alarmed when the Obama administration classified election administration as critical infrastructure, that gives the federal government so much leeway,” Dunlap said. “Part of the goal for some people has been a national voter ID law.”

The White House commission asked every top state election official for basic information on voting in his or her state, but at least 18 states and the District of Columbia refused to cooperate. Many of those states had particular problems with voter fraud in the past, as The Daily Signal has reported.

Numerous liberal groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the Brennan Center for Justice, sued to stop the commission from doing its work. One group, American Oversight, helped represent Dunlap in his lawsuit against the administration.

Commission member Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation, said state officials blocked the panel from finding the truth.

“Unjustified refusal from some states to work with us and dozens of meritless lawsuits; those two things made it next to impossible for the commission to do its work,” von Spakovsky told The Daily Signal in a phone interview Thursday. “They don’t want the American people to find the truth about [voter] fraud and errors and double voting.”

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson, a Republican who is chairwoman of the National Association of Secretaries of State, also was a commission member.

“We do not have a comment or anything further to add on the topic of the election commission,” Lawson spokeswoman Valerie Warycha said.

Source: How Trump Will Fight Voter Fraud After Shutting Down Panel

Nydia Tisdale’s Criminal Trial Provides Example of How to Use “Blockchains” to Combat Fascism

The case of Nydia Tisdale, a Georgia citizen journalist, illuminates the power of the State to force behavior.  But, while they may be able to force behavior, they cannot control information.  Once the guilty verdict was announced it was posted on the Internet.  Then the “blockchains” began.  Me, and many others, copied the storied, added value to it, send it others for them to store on their servers.  Now there are copies of the facts of this case that can be verified.


On Monday afternoon a Dawson County jury unanimously found self-described citizen journalist Nydia Tisdale guilty of a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of an officer for resisting arrest by former Capt. Tony Wooten of the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office.


Apparently in Georgia one can be found guilty of misdemeanor obstruction of a law enforcement officer simply because they want to.

It’s All About Information!

The great thing about this Case is, is we live in a 21st Century world, not a 1st Century world. This is now a pubic legal case. This is information. And, as much as they would like, they cannot stop information.

It’s About the “Blockchain.”

They may be able to physically stop a citizen journalist from recording reality, but once it is recorded it is distributed using a “Blockchain” through the world. This is called the Internet.

They may be able to stop a citizen journalist, but the Internet prevents them from stopping information.

Each of us can record this discussion and store it on our servers. This is a great example of a “Blockchain.”


Analysis: Republicans Should Be Worried About What Happened Last Night in Virginia

Democrats won resounding victories in Virginia and New Jersey last night — a stark reversal of fate from eight years ago, when Republicans dominated 2009’s off-year elections in those two states, foreshadowing an historic national midterm wave the following year. There may be a faint silver lining or two […]

Governor 2018: Fake news in Georgia reaches all-time high, Kemp says

A spokesman for Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who is running for governor next year, said the recent controversy over a Kennesaw State election server “is a tasteless nothingburger cooked up by liberal activists who know their lawsuit is nothing short of stupid. “President Donald Trump was on […]

Data wiped from server at center of Georgia election hacking lawsuit: Report

This is important. Our democracy is at risk from Conservatives that believe Liberals are an existential risk to our community.

Melissa Painter walks with her one year-old daughter Elle to vote in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District special election at a polling site in Sandy Springs, Ga., Tuesday, June 20, 2017. The most expensive House race in U.S. history heads to … The contents of computer server at the center […]

Conservative Unwittingly Exposed Conservative’s Logic Achilles Heel

In a short throw-a-way post on, an unknown Conservative Blogger, unwittingly exposed Conservative’s Logic “Achilles Heel.”


The Blogger makes two statements:

  1.  “He has worked tirelessly to bring about individual liberty, but will vote against a bill that removes the government’s power to force you to buy health insurance, regardless of whether or not you can afford it.”
  2. I realize I’m just a blogger, and maybe I’m in the minority here. But, this is something we at RedState have been talking about for years: the words of politicians should be backed up by action. If they aren’t, we have to find someone who can back them up and get them elected instead. I won’t say it’s time to primary Rand Paul… but the people of Kentucky deserve better. If he can’t be better… then yeah.

I highlighted the two key parts.

#1 – “government’s power to force you to buy health insurance”  – Specifically the Government Mandate in Obamacare.  Conservatives hate this mandate.  They hate Government

A key Conservative logic foundation is that it is bad for the government to force behavior.  The Conservative Achilles Heel here is defining the words, “Government,” “Force,” and “Behavior.”  The Achilles Heel here is that conservatives believe they can define all those words for every situation.  Conservatives think all these words are binary.

The Achilles Heel here is those words are not “binary” they are “analog.”  There is a continuum from Zero force to Infinite force.  And there is a continuum from local government to National or International Government.  And there is a continuum of behaviors.

In order to logically apply the foundational thinking that it’s Always bad for the government to force behavior you have to say where the boundaries are to that thinking.

The Achilles Heel is that one either believes it is bad for the government to force behavior, or it depends on the level of government and the kind of force being used and the behavior being affected.

is binary or is wrong for government to force behavior at any level of government on any topic and in any way.  Or, While, I tend to agree at the Macro level that , I think the level of Government is important. Is it the Federal or State or Local or even Community Government?  Also, in addition to what level of government you are talking about, what are the specific definitions of force being applied?


A community can force drivers to have car insurance so if they cause an accident the other parties can be made whole.  Why, then can the community not force a resident of the community to have health insurance?  Perhaps because their actions shouldn’t cause harm to anyone else.  But, if you agree to treat everyone in, at a minimum, an emergency room, and if you further agree that if they can’t pay, the community to subsidize the care, then, then can


The question that this post raises is that it is bad for the government to force you to do anything, so shouldn’t it be bad for the government to force you to buy health insurance.


#2 – “the words of politicians should be backed up by action. If they aren’t, we have to find someone who can back them up and get them elected instead.”  Points to the “Fascist” A key Conservative logic foundation is that words of politicians should be backed up by action.   The action referred to here is a conservative action; lowering taxes, killing Obamacare, national defense, etc.