Evidence Karen Handel is Not Bipartisan

Evidence Karen Handel is not bipartisan can be found in a Lugar Center and Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy report.

The study found Karen Handel to be one of the least bipartisan House lawmakers. She was 435 out of 438 in terms of her ability to reach out to others that think differently.

This is important because in my humble perspective, since she only won the District 51% to 48%, she should be more bipartisan.

This evidence suggests Handel is not the right candidate for the 6th District.

Click here to see the report if your interested in the details

Of course, selective perception, confirmation bias, and motivated reasoning affects what conclusions one can draw from the evidence.  Here is a sampling of the conclusions one might draw, given your tribal leanings.

  • Dems would conclude:
    • Handel is indeed a Trump Tool and will do whatever Trump supporters tell her to do.
    • She believes compromising with anyone to her left is a bad thing, not because of any reasonable policy differences, but simply because leftists are bad and you must not compromise with them.
  • Trump Supporters would conclude:
    • It does not matter what the evidence is because Georgetown is a liberal academic center.  Anything they put out is biased, and anything biased from the left has to be completely ignored.
    • Even it is true, even if, in fact, Handel is not bipartisan, well that is a good thing.  We don’t want compromise with the Lefties because they are destroying America and we need to make America Great again, like in the 1950s.  For Trump supporters the ends justifies the means.  Winning is the goal.  Getting their agenda is the goal.  Compromise is not the goal.  If fact, they believe compromise got us to this terrible place to begin with.
  • Libertarians would conclude:
    • The faction within Libertarians that believe in individual freedom and understand Hayek’s writings on Central Planners, would probably agree the evidence is valid and Handel is not bipartisan.  And that should disqualify her in their eyes.  (This faction would follow James Maddison’s advice in Federalist Paper #10 about “factions.”  Madison wrote, “By a faction, I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adversed to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community.”   I would think Libertarians would want bipartisanship.
    • The racists faction within the larger Libertarian community, who don’t want the Government giving money to blacks, or having blacks in government, would say that Handel lack of bipartisanship is a badge of honor.  The ends justifies the means and Handel should not compromise with those lefties, commies, socialists atheists.

Looking at the report we, the Georgia 6th District, think the report is credible enough to believe it is correct.  We conclude Karen Handel is not “bipartisan.”  And we further think this is a negative.  We think our Representative should have the 6th District top of mind, not GOP, Dem, or Libertarian.

If there are Trump Supporters or Karen Handel supporters that want to help provide evidence that either Karen is bipartisan and the report is wrong, or it is better that she is not bipartisan, here are our questions for Karen Handel:

  • Does she consider the report valid?  Would she say that they missed all the bipartisan things she has done?
  • Would she consider herself bipartisan?  If so, what examples can she provide?
  • What has she done in our Community to reach out the 48% that voter against her?
  • Does she think the ends justify the means?

Of course getting honest answers from Karen, her supporters or Trump Supporters, is not likely.  She/they would lie about this stuff.  She is a politician, after all.

#TaxReformTuesday: Rep. Karen Handel – Ways and Means

In this week’s #TaxReformTuesday, Rep. Karen Handel (R-GA) sat down with local small business owner Thane Brooks to discuss how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will make it easier for small businesses to create more jobs and serve more people in their local communities.

CLICK HERE or the image above to watch.

Handel: “I’m here today with Thane Brooks, who together with his wife founded this incredible facility — Therapyland — which is a pediatric therapeutic center for children with autism and other spectrum disorders, and I wanted to hear from you personally what this tax cut, jobs bill means for you and this facility.”

Brooks: “Well, Karen, I wish this would have happened several years ago, and the reason being is we started with nine employees two and a half years ago. We have 55 employees right now. We have a tremendous wait list right now. We deal with children not only with autism, with cerebral palsy, with down syndrome, and there’s just not enough services like what we offer at Therapyland.

 “Because we have so many different things that we offer for a child, for a parent to be under one location. And if we could have that tax cut years ago, I would have been able to open up more facilities, hire more people. My goal right now is to open up another facility sometime in the next year or so. 

“If I could do that it’ll be bigger than this. We have almost 11,000 square feet, 12,000 square feet right now, and the next center I plan on doing is around 20,000 square feet. So, you can imagine, we’re talking, for just that one center, another 100, 150 people that we’d be hiring — that’s bringing in jobs, obviously that expense, that’s millions upon millions of dollars of equipment, supplies that I need. And If I were able to take advantage of this tax cut and write off this material right away, boy, I can not only hire people, I can bring in more patients, get that wait list down. But then I can also expand and continue to expand.”

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