Governor 2018: Fake news in Georgia reaches all-time high, Kemp says

A spokesman for Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who is running for governor next year, said the recent controversy over a Kennesaw State election server “is a tasteless nothingburger cooked up by liberal activists who know their lawsuit is nothing short of stupid. “President Donald Trump was on […]

Can the New Activist Passion of Suburban White Women Change American Politics?

This story is important and I agree completely.

And, let me add that, as someone that lived through the 60’s, I think the fact that women are so engaged reminds me of how it felt during the 60’s. Because their boyfriends and husbands were being shipped off to Viet Nam, women drove the anti-war movement.

What do you all think?

“No matter the outcome on Tuesday, the real story of this campaign is the story of women organizing, standing up, fighting,” Jon Ossoff tells me from his campaign’s Chamblee office two days before the runoff.

“There’s something of a renaissance of civic engagement and political activism afoot, and it’s being led by women.”

Jon Ossoff Meets Millennials And Emphasizes Young People Voting

In an effort to inspire more millennials to vote in the upcoming 6th Congressional District election, Jon Ossoff supporters recently organized a millennial meet and greet. Without even realizing it, we are constantly projecting our opinion into the world whenever we click on the “like” button on Facebook or […]

The GOP prevented an upset in Montana. What does that mean for Georgia-6?

Greg Gianforte, right, and wife Susan celebrate his win over Rob Quist for Montana’s open congressional seat in Bozeman, Mont., on May 25. (Rachel Leathe/Bozeman Daily Chronicle via AP) BOZEMAN, Mont. – Republicans in Atlanta’s northern suburbs can sleep a little bit easier tonight after GOP candidate Greg Gianforte […]