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New Term – Motive Attribution Asymmetry. Add this to “Confirmation Bias,” “Selective Perception,” and “Motivated Reasoning” as Reasons For Our Political Disfunction.

I found a new term, "Political Motive Attribution Asymmetry" that adds to, "Confirmation Bias," "Selective Perception," and "Motivated Reasoning" as the reason our political problems seem to be so intractable.  The term came from a Study called "Motive attribution...

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Example of “Motivated Reasoning” Using Rubio’s Example of Obama Stroking Caustic Rhetoric

Motivated Reasoning is where you know the answer you want and then you line up facts to support your answer. A great example of motivated reasoning was provided by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) (See Full Story Here).  He is motivated to blame liberals for the divisions in...

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Confirmation Bias, Selective Perception, and Motivated Reasoning in The Conservative World View

The Republicans base their entire philosophy on a number of conclusion that all the “experts” in the world would see as completely false. Man has had no impact on Global Warming. - 97% of "Climate Scientists" disagree More guns would reduce deaths by guns. - No...

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The Difference Between the GOP and Democrats is 1 Thing: Loyalty to the Party Platform!

I can show you a fact on how the Dems and the GOP are different. The Republican Candidate for office in Georgia must sign a "Loyalty Oath" to the National GOP Platform.  The Democratic Candidate for office does not. Here is the Fact:  The Official Georgia Qualifying....

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Wanted in College Graduates: Tolerance for Ambiguity | Jeff Selingo | LinkedIn

Three months after I graduated from college and following a summer journalism fellowship at the Arizona Republic in Phoenix, I had my first interview for a full-time newspaper reporting job. It was in Wilmington, N.C. The managing editor of the newspaper picked me up...

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Tom Price Offers Health Care Challenge! I Accept

In a recent Opinion piece in IJReveiew, our Congressman Tom Price, offered yet another vague response to one of most important social issues of our day; how do we achieve a healthy community?  He clearly offers no solutions to achieving a healthy community.  As is...

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Solution Aversion – Why people believe what they believe

Solution Aversion - Why People Believe What They Believe   In order to thrive in a rapidly changing world the better we learn the better we can adapt to the changes. So, the Learning Community is always interested in what are the barriers to learning. A recent...

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Net Neutrality is the Perfect Vehicle to Explore the Power of a Learning Community

Because of its technical nature Net Neutrality is perfect for a Learning Community. Net Neutrality encompasses: Technical - What is the Optimal Internet Architecture Economic - What should be the drivers of the Telecommunications Industry Political - What role does...

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