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The Trump Narrative

Since the election of Trump to POTUS I have questioned my ability to see reality.  I struggle to understand the Trump Narrative. I completely agreed with Obama when he said, "Americans do not elect Donald Trump."  And, wow, were we wrong! I just came across a story...

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5 Things We Should Do in 2016 to Make Our Community Better!

There are 5 things we should do in 2016 to make our community better! We should listen more and preach less. We should build more opportunities to learn from each other,. We should tap into our seniors to provide them an opportunity to be more productive. We should...

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The 2 Most Important Things we Always Need to Learn to Be Successful

The two most important things we always need to learn to be successful are: 1) how to use the tools available to us, and 2) how to use our minds to best use the tools. And the important reality is that while the tools we need to learn to be successful change all the...

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Free Speech in Schools

A couple of things have come popped up recently that caught my attention about Free Speech in Public Schools. Learn Liberty has a series of videos on Free Speech that make a strong case against any censorship in public schools. Then you have Ben Carson taking an...

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