Clowns in the Press Embrace Truthiness Over Truth Because They Can –

If your friends are telling you he is an idiot, why is he performing well, where it counts? I think there are too many who rush to judge the President on style, or personality, when they should be judging him on performance. Is it just that many are too caught up in playing like the media and everyone is now their own pundit of personality? I guess many live in the tweet domain of life and choose not to live their own lives. I think most Americans still just want to go and do their jobs, entertain themselves and their family, play with the dog, go out to eat, exercise and go to sleep at night, rather than worry over what the President says on Twitter. I doubt I’ll be buying that book about how crazy he is, or let it bother me. There is just too much else to do. Me? I’m re-grouting the floor in one of the bathrooms, this morning. I’d rather be talking about what the government shouldn’t be doing, than to concern myself, further, with what some gossip novelist says, who can’t be trusted to write or bother with anything, more than gossip.

Source: Clowns in the Press Embrace Truthiness Over Truth Because They Can –

Nydia Tisdale’s Criminal Trial Provides Example of How to Use “Blockchains” to Combat Fascism

The case of Nydia Tisdale, a Georgia citizen journalist, illuminates the power of the State to force behavior.  But, while they may be able to force behavior, they cannot control information.  Once the guilty verdict was announced it was posted on the Internet.  Then the “blockchains” began.  Me, and many others, copied the storied, added value to it, send it others for them to store on their servers.  Now there are copies of the facts of this case that can be verified.


On Monday afternoon a Dawson County jury unanimously found self-described citizen journalist Nydia Tisdale guilty of a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of an officer for resisting arrest by former Capt. Tony Wooten of the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office.


Apparently in Georgia one can be found guilty of misdemeanor obstruction of a law enforcement officer simply because they want to.

It’s All About Information!

The great thing about this Case is, is we live in a 21st Century world, not a 1st Century world. This is now a pubic legal case. This is information. And, as much as they would like, they cannot stop information.

It’s About the “Blockchain.”

They may be able to physically stop a citizen journalist from recording reality, but once it is recorded it is distributed using a “Blockchain” through the world. This is called the Internet.

They may be able to stop a citizen journalist, but the Internet prevents them from stopping information.

Each of us can record this discussion and store it on our servers. This is a great example of a “Blockchain.”


Wisconsin bill that would expel or suspend students who disrupt speakers moves forward

This feeds the narrative that we are moving more to the “Alt-Right.”

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Assembly Republicans moved closer to creating tougher penalties for University of Wisconsin student protesters Tuesday, advancing a bill that would suspend or expel students who disrupt speakers. The Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities approved the bill on an 8-6 vote. This sends the bill […]

What Can We Learn From Clinton Email Report

The FBI released their “Statement by FBI Director James B. Comey on the Investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Use of a Personal E-Mail System.”

I think

The Problem – Finding “Optimal Transparency” in Public Representative’s communication.

How best to get as much “Transparency” as possible from our Public Representatives using Public Money and working on Public Projects.


This will be an unusual statement in at least a couple ways. First, I am going to include more detail about our process than I ordinarily would, because I think the American people deserve those details in a case of intense public interest. Second, I have not coordinated or reviewed this statement in any way with the Department of Justice or any other part of the government. They do not know what I am about to say.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Hillary Clinton email saga is not that she set up a private, homebrew email server, but why she set up the server. After all, setting up this server took a ton of extra work. The State Department, after all, offered to provide her with a secure email for free – but she actually went to a lot of trouble to set up this system. She hired an administrator, found a place to house it, set up her own software, the works.

The fact that she went this far in order to specifically avoid using the State Department’s email system is indicative of some pretty deep-seated issues – issues that we have long known about Hillary, given her long history in the public eye. When you boil it down, there are three basic reasons that Clinton went to all this trouble of setting up her highly improper email server. And before the Trump supporters get too enthusiastic about condemning Hillary, they ought to consider that each of these personality traits applies to Trump with equal force.

1. An obsessive paranoia regarding the press “prying” into her personal life. I know that this is counterintuitive to conservatives – and, indeed, to any normal person – but the Clintons have long been known to harbor the belief that the American press is out to get them and destroy their personal lives. It’s an observation that long time Clinton flack Paul Begala has regularly made, to incredulous, jaw-dropping stares from anyone who will listen. I’m not saying Clinton is right – in fact, just the opposite. I’m saying this is what Clinton honestly believes.

To her, regardless of what the law says, and regardless of what would have been the prudent course of action with respect to complying with record keeping laws, the primary concern was that she remained in control of what information got turned over to the State Department after her tenure and what did not. Concern that the “wrong” emails might find their way into the press was the single, primary driving factor behind Clinton’s decision to set up her private server.

Know who else acts this way? Donald Trump. Donald Trump, who has angrily insisted that his tax returns are “none of anyone’s business,” and who has stonewalled every attempt for months to verify his alleged donations to veterans charities from his Iowa rally. When he was finally forced to come clean, he angrily denounced the press as “dishonest” and “scum.” Donald Trump, who likewise lashed out at both a Federal Judge and the press when documents related to his Trump University lawsuit were released for public review. Donald Trump, whose every rally and every speech contains anti-press conspiracy theories, and who regularly blasts them on his twitter feed as biased against him.

If you think Donald Trump would not have done everything in his power, if he were Secretary of State, to shield his private communications from press scrutiny, then you haven’t been paying attention to Trump.

2. Indifference to the security of others’ information. This is really nothing more than an outgrowth of Hillary’s essential narcissism. By making her own information safe from the prying eyes of the press, she made information belonging to other people (the United States Government) more accessible to hackers and other foreign powers. The bottom line: Other people are insignificant compared to Hillary. Her concerns trump theirs, even if hers are trivial by comparison.

I hardly need to mention proof that Donald Trump is nearly the world’s biggest narcissist, but two examples come to mind that show that Trump absolutely does not care about compromising the private information of others. The first comes from this election season, when Trump got irritated with something Lindsay Graham said or did about him, I don’t even remember what. Now, at no point during this primary was Lindsay Graham even marginally relevant. At no point was he any threat to Donald Trump at all. But that didn’t stop Trump from publicly releasing Graham’s private telephone number to the media and the public.

Another pertains to the Trump University lawsuit, when Trump and his lawyers made the lead plaintiffs’ life a living hell by making her the object of public ridicule and scorn – this was after trying to ruin her by filing a frivolous countersuit against her (which Trump lost in spectacular fashion). Trump has never in his life found anyone else’s concerns to be even close to as important as his.

3. Belief that the rules are not as important as her convenience. The other justification offered by Clinton is that setting up the private email server allowed her to basically have one email address that could be used for both work and non-work reasons, allowing her to more easily email now, ask questions about whether it should be turned over to State later. According to numerous State Department employees who were interviewed by the FBI, concerns were immediately raised about the propriety of the arrangement under State Department regulations, but Clinton’s convenience trumped all.

We have already seen that Trump habitually shortcuts the rules in the name of his own personal convenience. During the course of this campaign season, Trump has used his nonprofit organization the Trump Foundation as a campaign slush fund and conduit for political campaign contributions, an arrangement that flagrantly violates both federal law pertaining to non-profit organizations and campaign finance regulations.

By his own admission, Trump has lived his life as though the rules did not apply to him, greasing the skids with generous donations to politicians (mostly Democrats) along the way. According to him, this makes him uniquely suited to curb abuses of the system. This is contrary to what even the average fifth grader understands about human nature. If a person is corrupt, putting them in a position of power will not make them less corrupt. In fact, it will have exactly the opposite effect. The idea that Trump would have abided by State Department regulations if he felt that they were an impediment to his own personal convenience just beggars the imagination.

Yesterday was, without question, a bad day for Hillary Clinton. The problem for Trump is, it’s difficult to see how he would have done anything different, in her position.

Getting Control of Government by Learning Facts To Draw The Best Conclusions

Ok so here I go with my big gamble to try and help all my friends on both sides of the aisle, what I see as the key facts that are controlling our lives and our futures.  My goal is that by learning the facts we can draw the best conclusions.

Here are my conclusions that I draw from the facts:

  • Politicians behavior and decisions are heavily influenced by Lobbyists.
  • The Healthcare industry is a major influence on politicians decisions.
  • For most Americans, those making around $50,000 or less, their real income is dropping and is unlikely to improve much in the near future.
  • Social Security is becoming much more important for most Americans as retirement income from other sources becomes less.

The politicians and media have little interest in doing what is best for us and because most of us have little time to get real facts on what is actually happening to our country. The major problem is sifting through the deluge of lies and distortions from both parties and the absence of the facts that control our lives now, and the trends that will do so in the future.

Democracy doesn’t work if the voters do not demand the facts to base informed decisions on. We are not demanding them, so we are not getting them! Politicians need to be addressing the real issues.

Here are the Facts I use to support my conclusions:

Here are some of the facts as far as I can check them, please anybody who feels they need changing let me know. I would be interested in what conclusion you draw from the facts. I will introduce a few at a time, hopefully this will identify what we should be holding our politicians accountable for.

Facts for today – More to come, give me your thoughts.

  • Lobbying – Spending 2013 $3.24bn, 2014 $3.20bn, 2015 $2,39bn.
  • There were 11,165 lobbyists in 2015, 436 Representatives and 100 Senators. Lobbyists spend an average of about $6m per year per politician.
  • 2015 Top contributors – Chamber of Commerce $64m, American Medical Assocn $24m, National Assocn: of Realtors $23m, Blue Cross Blue Shield $18m.

The Retirement crisis. People with no 401k savings or any other retirement plan.

A 2015 Government study shows about 30% of households aged over 55 have no retirement plan or savings.

  • The income trend for households earning $51,000(median US household income) or less, is very little increase over the last 10 years. The top 5% incomes have seen an increase of around 30% in the same period. Real median household income dropped 8% between 2007 and 20013.