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To Improve Health Care We need to Change the Incentive From Making Money off of Sick People to Improving the Health of the Patient

To Improve health care and reduce costs we need to change the incentive from making money off of sick people to improving the health of the patient. Tom Price has a plan for Health Care.  His plan is to reduce transparency, reduce standards, and increase freedom to...

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What is Wrong with the GOP “Pro-Growth Agenda.”

On February 4, 2016 House Republican leaders announced the formation of six committee-led task forces charged with developing a bold, pro-growth agenda. (For updates, visit In and of itself, putting forth a pro-growth agenda is a great...

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Ted Cruz’s 3 Prong Plan To Replace Obamacare Will Hurt Our Community

In the latest GOP Debate Ted Cruz was asked a great question about Healthcare and Obamacare. “Today there are millions of people who gained health insurance from Obamacare and they now rely on it. So the question, Sen. Cruz, if you repeal Obamacare, as you say you...

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Tom Price Offers Health Care Challenge! I Accept

In a recent Opinion piece in IJReveiew, our Congressman Tom Price, offered yet another vague response to one of most important social issues of our day; how do we achieve a healthy community?  He clearly offers no solutions to achieving a healthy community.  As is...

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