#TaxReformTuesday: Rep. Karen Handel – Ways and Means

In this week’s #TaxReformTuesday, Rep. Karen Handel (R-GA) sat down with local small business owner Thane Brooks to discuss how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will make it easier for small businesses to create more jobs and serve more people in their local communities.

CLICK HERE or the image above to watch.

Handel: “I’m here today with Thane Brooks, who together with his wife founded this incredible facility — Therapyland — which is a pediatric therapeutic center for children with autism and other spectrum disorders, and I wanted to hear from you personally what this tax cut, jobs bill means for you and this facility.”

Brooks: “Well, Karen, I wish this would have happened several years ago, and the reason being is we started with nine employees two and a half years ago. We have 55 employees right now. We have a tremendous wait list right now. We deal with children not only with autism, with cerebral palsy, with down syndrome, and there’s just not enough services like what we offer at Therapyland.

 “Because we have so many different things that we offer for a child, for a parent to be under one location. And if we could have that tax cut years ago, I would have been able to open up more facilities, hire more people. My goal right now is to open up another facility sometime in the next year or so. 

“If I could do that it’ll be bigger than this. We have almost 11,000 square feet, 12,000 square feet right now, and the next center I plan on doing is around 20,000 square feet. So, you can imagine, we’re talking, for just that one center, another 100, 150 people that we’d be hiring — that’s bringing in jobs, obviously that expense, that’s millions upon millions of dollars of equipment, supplies that I need. And If I were able to take advantage of this tax cut and write off this material right away, boy, I can not only hire people, I can bring in more patients, get that wait list down. But then I can also expand and continue to expand.”

Torpy at Large: Tom Price, fiscal hawk / highfalutin flyboy

Metro Atlanta’s own Tom Price, the surgeon-turned-congressman-turned-U.S. Health Secretary, is now getting pummeled for flying around in private jets. Last week, the news site Politico detailed a three-day sprint for which Price spent more than $60,000 on such flights. Later, Politico said it was more like $300,000 since May […]

Why it’s so hard for government to fix social problems

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The Trump Administration Looks More and More Like a Pyrrhic Victory for Conservatives

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“It will be a greatly noticed bit of irony if, in voting for Trump to save the judiciary, the GOP actually loses it with a frozen court till a Democrat President in 2021.” The wall? It is not built. The President is threatening a shutdown to get it funded […]

Karen Handel’s “I Am Not a Crook Moment”: “I Do Not Support a Livable Wage!”

Karen Handel’s comment that she does not support a “Livable Wage” supports the narrative that Conservatives in general do not support the idea that poor people deserve any respect or consideration.

This post from George Lakoff articulates the notion that how we view “Narrative” matters.

Osoff, asked in the debate about the minimum wage, shifted the frame away from immediate numbers that could approach $15 an hour over a reasonable period of time so that small businesses would have time to adjust. He said that he believed that any American who works a 40-hour-a-week job deserves a livable wage. In short, if you work a full week on a job, your wages should be enough for you to live on — even if only at a barely livable level. This was an important frame shift via words: “minimum” to “livable,” getting at the real issue.

Handel disagreed, saying: “I do not support a livable wage!”

During Watergate, Richard Nixon famously said, “I am not a crook.” And, immediately, Americans coast-to-coast thought of him as a crook. This incident inspired my book title Don’t Think of an Elephant! ” What does the title make you think of? Why does negating an idea so often have […]