Another GOP “Leader” Demonstrates His Lack of Concern for His Constituents.

David Perdue parroted the now familiar GOP line that passing any Healthcare Regulations is more important than passing bad healthcare regulations.

Specifically he said,

“What happened today in Washington was a failure…There is a complete lack of congressional leadership and no accountability to get results. From the get go, three Republican Senate chairmen failed to support our efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare as we have all promised to do.”

Hopefully he did not pick his wife the same way.


Rep. Justin Amash: The Republican Party Needs to Die

“Hopefully, over time, [the] two parties start to fall apart,” says Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan) in an interview with Reason recorded last week at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas . “I can go straight to Twitter or Facebook or elsewhere and tell people exactly what I stand for.” First […]

Samantha Bee Reveals R-Rated Parenting Technique That Gets Her Kids In Line

Samantha Bee Reveals R-Rated Parenting Technique That Gets Her Kids In Line

“Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee is no stranger to using salty language — and apparently neither are her young children.

And it involves a short, sharp burst of cursing.

I can get them to do anything just by letting them use one piece of salty language in a conversation,” she said. “That’s their treat. It’s the greatest parenting coup that I ever came up with. I’m such a smart parent.”

Bee revealed how her offspring, aged from 6 to 11, preferred being allowed to swear over more regular treats such as chocolate or cake. She then gave a hilarious example of what she lets them say.

America needs a national dialogue to heal our political battle wounds

More specifically, “In 2016, Pew reported that 45 percent of Republicans and 41 percent of Democrats felt that the other party’s policies posed a threat to the nation.” Democrats and Republicans tended to view people who supported the other party as “exceptionally immoral, dishonest and lazy.” And about a third of the members of each party viewed members of the opposing party as “less intelligent” than average Americans.

In short, Democrats and Republicans — in unprecedented numbers — hold each other in contempt. This problem will not go away solely as a result of increasing bipartisan dinners and civility training. To truly address what ails our democracy, we must find a way for Democrats, Republicans and Independents to begin talking with — and listening to — each other again about the policy challenges facing the country and the factors that promote partisan mistrust, and rebuild their trust in their fellow Americans.

America needs a national dialogue to heal our political battle wounds The horrible and indiscriminate attack on a group of House Republican members of Congress at their early morning baseball practice for a charity baseball game may prove to be a watershed moment in our country: the day Democrats […]

Can the New Activist Passion of Suburban White Women Change American Politics?

This story is important and I agree completely.

And, let me add that, as someone that lived through the 60’s, I think the fact that women are so engaged reminds me of how it felt during the 60’s. Because their boyfriends and husbands were being shipped off to Viet Nam, women drove the anti-war movement.

What do you all think?

“No matter the outcome on Tuesday, the real story of this campaign is the story of women organizing, standing up, fighting,” Jon Ossoff tells me from his campaign’s Chamblee office two days before the runoff.

“There’s something of a renaissance of civic engagement and political activism afoot, and it’s being led by women.”