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All Lessons

Welcome to Our Georgia 6th District Learning Network!


The 21st Century Cloud based resource to help our District thrive in our hyper-connected digital World.

Build your own personalized Digital Learning Library that you can access from any device at any time!


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A Unique 21st Century Approach to Learning and Teaching

Lifelong & Personalized Learning

Classes have no end date.  Once enrolled in a class, you stay enrolled for your lifetime, you can always go back and refreash your learning or see what is new on the topic.  Also, you are provided a “Personal Dashboard” that changes as the class is updated or your learning needs change.

Educational Blockchains

We use A-Keys and Blockchains to help ensure the underlying information is verified and your content is protected.  Blockchains contain verifications and the “Authority” of the verifier, allowing the learner to better value information.

Artificial Intelligence Based Learning Library

We use Artifical Intelligence to aggregate & curate content from internal & external sources. We use a powerful realtime repository for all the potential learning available to you.  The Learning Library is personalized for the learner and updated dynamically to deliver the best learning at the best time.

Why we do it

Reason one

Because we believe there is just too much information for only one person to process. We need each other to share information in ways it benefits us all.

Reason two

Confirmation Bias, Selective Perception, and Motivated Reasoning are things that can bias our thinking. We need everyone with different viewpoints to share what they see, so we can improve our aggregate critical thinking skills.

Reason three

Because we believe education can and should be cheaper.  We want to reduce the net cost to the community to stay current and teach knowledge and wisdom to the next generations.